Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random Thoughts about Cluelessness......

I don't know where to start so I'll just jump right in:
  • My priorities in life are my kids, my house, and my job.

  • My oldest son has finally landed a job. At Kroger, working at the Starbucks. He said, "I am such a hypocrite. I hate Starbucks. They are destroying the small coffee shops." He took the job anyway. I hope it gives him a better attitude sense of reality. Please.

  • Today would have been my 20th wedding anniversary, had I stayed married to the idiot who is currently supervising my two youngest children my former husband.
  • I have talked to Sam. He has no idea he hurt my feelings and he doesn't seem to be interested in us going out again. I point-blank asked him if he would like to plan something for Saturday and he said he would "have to see". Sorry. I'm done.

I have decided that I need more time to be "me". I am still recovering from my relationship with Mike, and I just can't take any more disappointment. I will be friends with anyone, but I'm "off the market."




Jay said...

I don't have enough to tattoos or piercings to work at the Starbucks here in this area.

Sam's kind of moron, isn't he? LOL

Brother Dave said...

Well, J, you found out sooner as opposed to later. Sam does not seem like a genuine person.

Not being in the "market" is a good thing. You might meet someone worth getting to know much sooner than if you constantly had your radar running.

e.Craig said...

Well, J, I think being off the market is a very good decision on your part.

Now, tell me how you did the "strikethrough." The ones I know do not work here.   :-)

captain corky said...

Sam sounds like a real idiot. Take your time J and be good to yourself J.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay -
Surprisingly, most of employees at this Starbucks are older women. I think a cute teenage boy might bring in some business - especially one with no tattoo! (har, har)

Dave -
I don't know if my radar was running more than any other single woman....but now it's turned off.

Craig -
The strikethrough is "less than"s"greater than" at the beginning and "less than"/s"greater than" at the end. (Blogger comments won't let me put in the symbols). I always wondered how people did that. That God for teenagers! (Did I just say that?)

Corky and Jay-
Sam is a really good man. And when we first met, I thought he wanted exactly what I wanted - someone to do stuff with when the kids weren't around or busy. A companion. And yes, by God, eventually...a lover. Maybe it's me. He could still be looking for that, only in a size 6. Who knows? I hope he finds whatever he's looking's just not me. (sigh)

Thanks for your sweet comments.

e.Craig said...

No doubt, teens are a good source of this kind of information. I was attempting to use the "S" tag, in my reply, but it's just as you say. Only works in the original post.

I can see why Blogger might not want one to post images in their replies, but simple HTML tags? It's not like it's eating up bandwidth.

mitchgib said...

My son could use some of that "sense of reality", and quick-let me know where he finds it !


RWA said...

Sorry about Sam, but if that's the way he wants to be, I think you're better off.

And, once the paychecks start coming in, I'm sure your eldest will see the light.


Betty said...

It didn't take me long after my divorce to take myself off the market. I just got disgusted with the types of men I kept meeting. Of course, this area of the country isn't exactly the playground of the western world, either. So, I just concentrated on my job and the kids and before I knew it, I was too old to care. (Just joking about that "too old to care" part.:).

Sayre said...

It's definitely Sam's loss. I found my husband (the current one) when I wasn't looking. I was just trying to recover from the last relationship and wasn't really interested in jumping into a new one. But there he was, so....

lisa said...

I think the off the market idea is a good one. Some great you time is in order so resist the temptation. You’ll be more ready to meet someone who is actually good after giving yourself some time. I haven’t been able to comment on your blog for a few days so I hope it works this time.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Mitch and RWA - He starts next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Betty, Sayre, and Lisa -
I would really like to go live in a cave for awhile, but I don't think my kids will go for it. (grin) I just hope I don't have to wait until I'm too old to care before I'm loved again....


Palm Springs Savant said...

Its good to focus on yourself and the kids for awhile, and not add any other factors into the mix. being "off the market" can be such a relief..

oh and btw- my "ever-loyal housekeeper mrs Danvers" is just really my fictitious housekeeper. I have a few characters I write about on my blog for fun. Thanks so much for stopping by. Can I add you to my blog roll?

HoosierGirl5 said...

Palms Spring Savant-