Monday, June 18, 2007

I Been Tagged Again, Dagnabbit!!!!

That sneaky Jay snuck up and tagged me with a meme. And since I love him so dearly even if he does blatantly put a sexy babe pic in almost every post just to rile me up, I'm gonna do it.....

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

(1) Wine When Drunk From a Mug
(2) Dear Bastards...
(3) Random Bullarcky
(4) Cynical_Bastard
(5) The Coffee Table

Select five people to tag:
  1. E.Craig

  2. Brother Dave

  3. RWA

  4. Dazd

  5. Corky

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Getting ready to go on vacation to Washington, DC, with Baron, his kids, and mine. Getting ready for my birthday, which is coming up....(hint, hint)

Five snacks you enjoy:

  1. Triscuits

  2. M&Ms

  3. Smoothies (from Smoothie King)

  4. Pizza bites

  5. Cheese cubes
Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

  1. Almost anything from Rascal Flatts

  2. "Drive" by Alan Jackson

  3. "Riddle" by Five for Fighting

  4. "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw

  5. Almost anything from Kenny Chesney

(Do you see a theme here, Jay?)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Buy a new house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone.

  2. Buy both of the teenagers an econo-car.

  3. Take everyone (my parents, my siblings, my nephews, any of the kids' friends, everyone!) to Disney World for two weeks.

  4. Donate money to the kids' schools for people like me who can't afford tuition to go for free!

  5. Start some kind of charity that gives books and reading tutoring to the kids who live in the projects.
Five things you like doing:

  1. Blogging and reading blogs

  2. Reading

  3. Watching my favorite Tv shows

  4. Swimming

  5. Sex (well, it says things you like doing. Let's be honest here!)
Five things you would never wear again:

  1. Peasant skirts

  2. Bicycle shorts (yikes!)

  3. Pigtails

  4. Orange lipstick

  5. Black clunky shoes
Five favorite toys:

  1. My cell phone

  2. My computer

  3. My digital camera

  4. My CD player in my car

  5. My ******** (answer deleted by Blogger X-rated censor)

By the way, Jay.....this one's for you:

Have a good one,



Jay said...

I don't know any of those songs. LOL ;-)

Dazd said...

Oh! Something for me to post today. lol

I will get that worked up today.