Monday, June 25, 2007

The Boys Are Back in Town!

My boys are back.
Let the dishes, laundry, and mess increase to the second power of "X" (x = boys).
I've missed them.
I'm so glad to have them home.


RWA said...

Great pictures. Laundry, dirty dishes and mess aside, I'm betting Mom is glad they're home too.

captain corky said...

Everyone knows that Women make a lot more laundry then men do, but boys are messier. I'll give you that. ;)

lisa said...

Oh no, boys definitely make more laundry! I can related to the power of X squared. Glad your boys are back-- mine is too. :-)

Sayre said...

I love it when my boy goes away... but I love it even more when he comes home.

Jay said...

And there won't be a dull moment the rest of the summer.

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - You're right. They are fun to have around, even if they ARE messy.

Corky - In this house, boys outnumber the girls 3-2, so the boys make more laundry. But we love 'em anyway!

Sayre - Me, too.

Jay - You are so right. (smile)


Kentucky Girl said...

Beautiful faces they have!

Anonymous said...

You can tell they are just itching to messy up the house!