Monday, April 23, 2007

What a Weekend!

Okay, I'll start with the best news first:

Sunday - Daniel (my middle son, who is almost 13) had his first Jr. High track meet. Some of you may remember how well he did in football last fall, and he is also playing soccer this spring. He competed in 4 events - shotput, 100m. dash, 200m. dash, and a 400m. relay. He came in FIRST out of 30-40 boys in shotput (with a throw of 30 ft.), FIRST in 200m. dash (29 seconds), and FIRST in 100m. dash with a time of 13 seconds!!! These pictures were taken of him running and winning the 100m. I am telling you, folks, it was incredible! His relay also took FIRST and he was the anchor leg. I am so incredibly proud of him. You should have heard all the football dads talking about him in the stands. As one of the dads said, "You can't teach speed." It was awesome.

Also good news:
- I helped at opening night of "Ms. Saigon" and I got to see all of the first act, which features Joseph's character prominently. He is shot by Kim, the heroine, at the end of the first act. It was so powerful. He was really good. I found myself moved to tears at the emotions.

When he is shot, there is only a mild amount of blood seeping out from the gunshot wound, but then he comes back in a dream to Kim as a ghost, because she is haunted by the fact that she killed him. This picture is of Rebecca, who plays Kim, and Joseph, when he appears in her nightmare.

This is my daughter, who is in the chorus, and her friends as Vietnamese refugees.

More good news:
Saturday - I had a date.
Yes, I know I said I wouldn't, but I did.
It was really comfortable, and we talked for 4 hours. I don't think I'm ready for a relationship - I still spend so much time thinking about and missing someone else - but it sure was nice to have company and talk. And he baked me a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread and brought it as a surprise. AND he likes country music!!! I was in a really good mood Sunday. It was nice to smile again. And, no, there's no picture! (laugh)

Stayed tuned tomorrow for my Weekend Words.


Jay said...

That's awesome that Daniel did so good. He's a heck of an athlete!

I've never seen Ms. Saigon, but I guess things went well there too. Nice blood covered look there. LOL

Cinnomon bread AND country music! WOW!

Glad you had such a great weekend!

lisa said...

Congratulations to all of the kids. No wonder it was a terrific weekend!

A date? Girl, you are crazy! ;-)

sunShine said...

What a good weekend. Glad you had fun on your date.

e.Craig said...

It's wonderful to have kids you can be proud of. :-)

FindingHeart said...

I sooo enjoyed high school theatre. But I really enjoy getting invited back to see my old students 2-5 years later, acting on stage and doing well. Congrats on all the smiles in the photos. SOMEBODY is doing a good job as mommy. ;)

RWA said...

What a great weekend! I will look forward to seeing your son in the Olympics in the future.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - Thanks. He IS doing well. I'm so proud of him, but I can't take any credit for any of it except maybe keeping him healthy. I have NO athletic talent at all!

Lisa - I know, I know, but when a tall, handsome man asks me to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, I'm powerless to say no. And he has a cute smile!

Sunshine - Thanks. It was fun to be relaxing!

E. - I am very blessed with good kids. Truly.

FH - Thanks! It DOES feel good when they do well.

RWA - The Olympics would be awesome, but I will settle for something more important - a college scholarship!!