Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekend Words Challenge

Okay, so it took me until Wednesday to get my words up. So sue me (har, har).
This weekend's words were sacrifice and service.


My teenagers have sacrificed a lot these past few weeks to be a part of this play, including getting up this morning at 4 AM so they could be ready to be on the 5-7 AM "Morning Show". Their dedication shows in the quality of the show.

My mother sacrifices many mornings to come down and help my children get to school. Here is a picture of her helping Aaron put on his belt, as she does so often in the morning. She is a model of service to her children and her grandchildren.


These two pictures are from "Ms. Saigon" but they remind me of all the men and women who give their time and sometimes their lives in service to our country.

These two pictures are an example of the good men who gave up their evening last Thursday to be of service to a group of 1st grade Tiger Cubs, taking the time to show them around a printing company and patiently answering every question and explaining every step.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for my answers to Lisa's interview questions.


Jay said...

Great pictures. Great way to say the words.

captain corky said...

Grandmothers are very helpful. Have a great week J.