Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Word Challenge

I have been trying for several weeks now, to participate in Odd Mix's "Weekend Word Challenge" and this week I have FINALLY done it! The words this week were familiar and unknown:

Familiar: I find it very familiar to be in the car, with a cup of this coffee, from this coffee shop, in my hand, as I was this Saturday.

(Aaron and his cousin Will at the bowling lanes this past Friday)
"We are very familiar with each other!"

Unknown: I am venturing back into the unknown, into the world of dieting, by joining Weight Watchers,as I did this weekend.

Where my life is headed, at this point, is unknown......

Not the greatest pictures, but at least I did it!



Jay said...

Excellent pictures! Glad you played this week.

RWA said...

Well done.

sunShine said...

Love the pics of the boys at the bowling alley. Way to go dieting. My sis lost a lot of weight at weight watchers! Good luck with that!

captain corky said...

Good luck with the weight watchers.