Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Saturday Blahs....

So, it's Saturday morning....
.....there is an "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" marathon on Cartoon Network, which my boys have been watching all morning. I have had a nice, early-morning phone call from a friend in New Zealand (late night for him), taken Rachael to practice with her band, and gotten some coffee. I have a ton of housework to do, the grass needs cutting and I have to inspire Daniel to do it, and of course there is always school work lurking.

I am feeling kind of blah. Not UN-happy, necessarily, but not happy either. I hate these "crossroads" times in my life. I just feel so unsettled. No, not unsettled, I don't know what the word is....Just blah.

So, I had another date last night with Art and it was good. We went to Lyn's Paradise Cafe, which is a fun and amazing place. I took some pictures for the Weekend Word Challenge, which I will share Sunday or Monday. I like him, he's good company (and a darn good kisser!), but.....truthfully, my heart is still somewhere else. My friends tell me I should keep going out, to have some fun, but is it fair to date someone when I'm still getting over someone else?

Which leads to another reason for the blahs...I read on my former boyfriend's blog that he is "looking forward to spending time with a new friend." (Sigh) I decided to delete the link to his blog, and the links to his ex's blog and her new husband's blog. I liked reading their blogs because it kept me up on what his girls were doing, but I think it is healthier to just stop reading. I still think about him every day, and I will miss his girls a lot.

And the house is a mess, but it's a beautiful day, so do I really want to stay inside and work? But when I come back in, it's depressing. Truthfully, I just feel like crying and I can't pinpoint exactly why.

A little bit of good news: My coffee beans are coming today. E.Craig was so convincing about grinding your own fresh-roasted beans from Old Bisbee Roasters, that I have 2 pounds of freshly-roasted whole coffee beans arriving today, roasted only 3 days ago in Arizona. I will tell you all about it in another post. AT least the coffee will be good this weekend. (another sigh)

Anyway, here are some more pictures from "Ms. Saigon". The first two are of Rachael. Isn't the helicopter they built in front of the school cool? The last two are of Joseph, obviously. He is really interested in photography and has a Canon we bought off E-bay last year. I thought he was so cute, taking pictures, that I took one of him. Don't you just love the tux? He looks great!

That's all for Saturday.
Have a good one.


RWA said...

You are right for deleting the links and not reading that stuff. It will help in the long run.

Hope the coffee recommendation from e.craig works out for you!

eatmisery said...

Chin up, Grasshopper! Better days are brewing in your future, no pun intended.

e.Craig said...

Not trying to sound clinical, but all your emotions seem to be valid, J. You consider the investment in a relationship over a period of time, and you are not going to get over it quickly.

Yes, date, swap spit, screw if you must ... just don't get serious within the first year of a breakup. (Yeah, I always followed that advice. Right.)

Oh ... the coffee. Definitely brew either one asap. Might not help, sure as hell won't hurt.

Jay said...

Just hang in there. It will take time, but things will continue to get better.