Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've Got Coffee!!!

This is a story of a quest.
A quest for coffee.

It all began a few weeks ago, when RWA wrote a funny post about Starbucks. This prompted E.Craig to comment, and subsequently write his own post about coffee. REAL coffee.

I read both posts, and commented to E. that I would love to try freshly roasted beans, freshly ground coffee. He advised me to buy a grinder and then search out somewhere local that roasted its own beans. Okay, I said, I'll do it.

Days went by. Didn't buy a grinder. Didn't look for beans. But I still really wanted to try it.
Then one day, fate intervened. I stumbled upon a Mr. Coffee coffee bean grinder for 50% off! I bought it. More discussion with E.Craig about what kinds of beans to buy. I made a vow to search Louisville for freshly roasted beans, thinking maybe Heine Brothers or somewhere in the Highlands (the funky, eclectic part of Louisville).

More time passes. No search, no beans. Finally, E. advises maybe I should just cut to the chase and buy my beans online, from his favorite coffee roaster - Old Bisbee Roasters in Arizona. (His patience with me during this quest has been amazing). He tells me his favorite flavors. Credit card in hand last Wednesday, I place my order.

Friday Seth himself from Old Bisbee Roasters calls my cell phone! I couldn't believe it. He said he was calling all new orders and thanking them for ordering. I gave due credit to E. Craig from Dayton, Ohio, and was tickled to death with the phone call. I have never had that happen before, and he sounded so nice on the phone. At least some people are willing to call me on the phone. ( totally innocent look on face)

At last, this very morning, the very long quest has come to its end. I got out my new coffee grinder, carefully read the instructions, ground the beans, and made my very first pot of Guatemalan Huehuetenango Asobagri Co-op Organic coffee.

And yes, it is amazing.

I will never need to go to Starbucks again.
Which, I suspect, was E. Craigs' purpose all along (grin), along with enabling me to enjoy one of the finest cups of coffee I have ever had.

Now, if you will excuse me, my coffee is waiting.



e.Craig said...

That's a great story, J, even if I already knew much of it. Kind of fun to read.

And, thanks for mentioning me to Seth. Here's a guy so dedicated to his craft that he places his work and home phone numbers on his website in case anyone needs questions answered.

When I correspond with coffee lovers and realize they have never experienced freshly roasted and ground specialty coffees, I make it my mission to tell them what they are missing and encourage them to step up to the "Real McCoy."

And, just like your Guatemala bean experience, I believe that you will find all the varieties he sells will render similar results. Be brave, and try many over time. You will eventually find your favorites.

Jay said...

I'm not a big coffee guy, but that sounds like it could be pretty yummmy. Great customer service from that company too!

RWA said...

Well done, J and e.craig - glad to see there's another "real" coffee drinker out there now.

Fleur de Lisa said...

That is the only way to do coffee! I have a fantastic place that roasts their own beans and I grind my fresh each morning. Delicious! I hope you enjoy your new-found coffee.