Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hey there.....
For some reason I haven't been able to upload pictures on Blogger for quite awhile now. I thought it was my computer, but for some reason this morning, it worked! So get ready for a flurry of pictures.....
This is my goofy, almost 17 yr. old son, hamming for the camera.

This is my daughter and her boyfriend when he came over for a "movie night". My job was to keep her brothers away, while still chaperoning. It was tricky.

Here are some pictures of my sweet nephew Tyler on his 1st birthday. The second one is me and my sister.

To prove that my teenage daughter is crazy, here is a message that she left in the pictures on my digital camera. My son pointed out that I would actually have to have the camera in my possession to read the message......hmmm....
Still, it made my laugh out loud. What a silly kid!

My son had his first soccer game Friday night. It was cold and muddy and he had a great time!
Here he is with some of his compadres, sweaty and dirty, in the middle of the game.

Aaron sat for most of the game on the adjacent playground, where he had a great view, and cheered his brother on. I heard him yell, "Go Daniel!" several times and brag to his playmates, "My brother is playing soccer!".
It was very cold and windy, but it didn't phase him. In fact he was playing so hard for awhile that he was actually hot! I hid in the shelter of my car (where I could see the whole thing).

Finally, this is my message for the week. It's supposed to read: THERE WILL BE NO CRISIS THIS WEEK....MY SCHEDULE IS FULL! (laugh)
Please Lord, nothing like last week!
Have a good one,


FindingHeart said...

Good Pics. :) Ah, chaperoning date night. I'm both dredding and looking forward to tormenting any boy who dares come inside. LOL!!

Jay said...

Love the pics.

The message on the camera is hilarious.

Do you have an opening for a crisis later this month? Wouldn't it be great if we really could schedule these things? ;-)

Kentucky Girl said...

LOVE the photos! Your daughter is quite the prankster! Too bad about that have to have the camera to view it part, eh. LOL

RWA said...

Great pictures!!!

Chaperoning on date/movie night while keeping all of her pesky brothers away. That must be fun!

Funny note on the camera too.

Have a great week.