Monday, March 19, 2007

None of your damn business......

Let me state something for the record, respectfully, of course.............there are some aspects of my life that are none of your business. You don't know how tall I am, how much I weigh, when I last had sex, or where I work. You don't know where I live, or my first or last name. These are facts about me that I choose to keep to myself. And I assume all of you exercise some of that same privacy.....I don't know "Finding Heart" 's real name. I don't know Jay's last name or Lisa's. I don't care exactly where "Redneck Nerdboy" really lives, and believe me, I definitely do not care where a comic book geek and his anal (or should I say, oral?) girlfriend are getting married in April.

Of course, I do share quite a bit about me and my family. You know I live in Indiana, near Louisville...that I'm 42, single, and I have 4 kids. You've seen their pictures and you know their ages. You have read details of my love life, rants about my ex-husband, and stories of my past. I assume that what I write here can and may be read by ANYONE.

This is the INTERNET, folks. It's all public access, all the time. Any one can read my blog and most likely, anyone will. I have a stat counter that shows me which of my Internet buddies have stopped by, when someone from China links here, and yes, when my ex-boyfriend's EX-WIFE google-searched for "Hoosier Girl" and "The Coffee Table" to check out the details of our breakup.

And how often they've been back since.

Anyone can stop by here any number of times a day, or once a day, or once a week, or never. Don't care. But believe me, I will stop into any Internet site or blog as many times as I want and you are welcome to do the same.

And you know what? That's perfectly fine. This blog, as is anything on the Internet is public domain. If I wanted to keep it private, it wouldn't be here. If it's on here, then I don't care who reads it. And if it's not here, I either sent it to you in an e-mail or ........

it's none of your damn business.

Have a nice day.


Sayre said...

You tell 'em, Hoosier Girl!!!

Hope your day's gotten better!

Steven Novak said...

What if I was to say that I'm MAKING IT MY BUSINESS SUCKKKA!!! ;)


eatmisery said...

Oh, Dear. Someone has really pissed you off. I'm glad I'm not on your bad side. Wow.

Jay said...

Umm .. okay.

Way to tell 'em off!

FindingHeart said...

Um, that IS my real name. *hee hee* Okay, monday sucked. tuesday will be better.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks, guys. I felt better just writing it. Sorry I scared you, Amy. (laugh)

Kentucky Girl said...

Wait. Your first name isn't Hoosier? My first name is Kentucky. I thought everyone was named for their home state. :P

captain corky said...

No really... this is what I look like.

RWA said... do you really feel about it?!?!??

Just kidding!

sunShine said...

AMEN sista!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - It WAS a Monday but still not all that bad. I just wanted to make a point to certain nib-noses. And I did.

Steven - YOU, I'll tell. But no one else. (grin)

E.M. - YOU are always on my good side. (smile)

FH - What IS your real name? Now I really WANT to know!!!!!

Kentucky Girl - If I had a different first name, it sure as hell wouldn't be a dumb word like Hoosier. No one even knows what a Hoosier is, anyway!

Corky - If that's what you look like, you are sexy as hell! Your kid is going to be gorgeous!

RWA - How do I really feel? HOW DO I REALLY FEEL?!!!

Jay - Thanks. It felt good.

Sunshine - Thanks, girlfriend. Now, if a couple of idiots will take the hint and get a clue, my life will be somewhat easier.

J. (hint: my REAL first name starts with a "J". I'm just sayin'.....)

Lisa said...

I hear ya' on this one! You just never do know who is reading. One thing is for sure, people are crazy!