Friday, February 23, 2007

The pictures that go with yesterday's post (see below)

These are the pictures that go with yesterday's post:

Joseph, hiding from his mother and her digital camera!

Rachael, looking at the TV, while talking on her cell phone, in her messy bedroom.

Daniel in HIS messy room, playing his Nintendo DS. (note the coveted "Wii" in the bottom right)

Sick little boy, in my bed watching cartoons, with his blankie and his bear, Rick.

My new hair cut, from the back. It looks great!


The Princess said...

Purty purty layers!!

FindingHeart said...

Ha! I can just hear the kids, "AW MOM!" ;)

Commenting on yesterday's post- It's fun seeing kids from years gone by. I hardly recognize them by the time they are in highschool, so many don't come up to say hi. But when they do, it's such a kick in the pants! Another one of those non-monetary teacher rewards.

Sayre said...

Oh, your hair is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Your haircut looks great! I could never get my hair to lay so nicely like that.

RWA said...

I bet they all love you when you start wandering the house with your camera, huh?

Great hair!!!!

eatmisery said...

Love the 'do!