Thursday, February 22, 2007

Catching Up.......

Yahoo, it's Thursday! Thank God, tomorrow is Friday! PAYDAY Friday, no less!

I had planned to show you pictures of my great new cut and color, but for some reason Blogger will not let me upload any of my pictures! Arrrgh! So I guess we'll just have to catch up without the benefit of photos. Anyway, here's how my week has gone:

Monday: President's Day. Many people were off that day, but it was Parent/Teacher conference day in my school district. Out of 6 students, only one parent showed. But I did have 4 phone conferences, which was almost as good. Spent time with Baron, which is always nice.

Tuesday: Gold Day, which in my school district is PR code for "really boring training for teachers so we can say our teachers are trained on up-to-the-minute stuff" day. But for me, it was Science training, which was actually semi-informative, and then I got to work in my room with my assistant. So we got things done.

Wednesday: I had to go observe at a special school for kids with behavior problems. It was helpful and sad, at the same time. I DID get to see a couple of my former students, which was the sad part, because they wouldn't let me see them face-to-face, only from afar. They are both still transitioning to their new school and they were afraid it would upset them. I miss one of them very much. More time with Baron, but we just zonked out and went to sleep.

Today: Crazy busy at school. Got scratched by a student. Aaron home sick with strep. His face is flushed and he is so droopy-eyed. We have been reading books and watching cartoons in my bed. Slipped away to get my hair cut and colored, and to get orange cream bars for Aaron.

Tomorrow: Payday Friday. Probably more craziness at school. Was supposed to be a movie date with Baron, but if Aaron is still not well, I will probably be at home. Sigh. Baron and I have so few weekend nights with no kids.....oh well. Rachael is going to a play with her boyfriend and his parents. I guess at least the 2 older boys will do something with their dad.

Weekend: Rachael is going on her confirmation retreat. Some or all of the boys will hang out with their dad. I was hoping to have some time to myself and possibly stay over at Baron's with him and his girls Saturday night. Who knows? Definitely sleeping in on Saturday. I need to buy some jeans. Attempt to psych myself up for next week. (sigh again). I hate my job these days, I'm sorry, but I really do. I just try to make it to Friday every week.

So that's it for me for this week. Hope your week has been relatively peaceful and your weekend is restful.


Jay said...

Well it sounds like you've stayed busy this week. Sorry poor Aaron has strep. Just keep the ice cream coming! LOL

TheBirdman33 said...

Wow hectic hectic hectic!

I will forgive the no HNT this week!

Be well. Talk to you soon


captain corky said...

Enjoy your weekend!

The Princess said...

Wow! You have had a very busy week...God bless you though for the career path you have chosen.

RWA said...

I hope Aaron feels better so you can have some time for yourself this weekend.

Sounds like a productive week, though!

Lisa said...

You got scratched by a student? Was it intentional? How crazy!

Hope your weekend is a good one and your kiddo recovers from that nasty strep that's going around. Poor thing! Knock on wood, I've avoided it so far.

What movie are you going to see?

Sayre said...

Oh, strep is nasty. My son was having strep/ear infections/strep/ear infections... it was neverending cycle and I was wishing I'd bought stock in the antibiotic company. Finally, got the dreaded/anticipated tonsillectomy with adnoid removal and ear tubes. He didn't get sick like that again. Phew!

Hope Aaron is feeling better!