Friday, October 06, 2006

Finally Friday!

It's October, and that means it's time for the all-time classic, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!. This is one of my two favorite holiday traditions on video. The other one being, of course, The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.But I couldn't start the month of October without mentioning this movie. I'm a bit of a "Peanuts" nut. I would love to be a collector, but the finances of 4 children prevent me from indulging myself at this time.

Anyway, I have all kinds of bits and pieces today. I am off school today, but since I teach in Kentucky and live in Indiana, my kids ARE NOT OFF TODAY. Did you catch that? My children are in school today and I am home! I have been on this freakin' computer for over an hour with absolutely no guilt! Later, I am going to take a nap.

One of the best informative blog posts I have read in a long time is the one I saw this morning on "Across the Board" by Ramsey. I don't know where he comes up with all these interesting pictures and news stories, but reading his blog is never boring. Anyway, his informative post is titled, My Top 5 Tips for shopping at Best Buy. Right now it's the second post from the top, but he puts up so many things in the course of the day, you may have to scroll down to find it. Well worth the read. I check his site regularly, as well as the list below:

Second, I have no idea how to put a blogroll on my blog. Can anyone help me? I have tried to read Blogger's directions but I just get confused. Until that time, here is a list of the people I read every day (if possible):
A Tense Teacher,
Comments from the Peanut Gallery,
Finding My Heart Again,
Happily Ever Now,
I Ended Up Here...How?,
Interupted Wanderlust,
Kentucky Girl
Life or Something Just Like It...,
Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance,
Making Things Up,
Marriage Misadventure,
Miraclo Miles,
Monkey Biznazz,
Pure is the Spirit - my friend Nancy's blog!,
Redneck Nerdboy!,
The Most Wild Thing of All,
Silent Babble,
Snozzberries? Who Ever Heard of a Snozzberry?
So the fish said....,
What am I Doing Here?,
Talking to Myself,
The Art of Getting By,
The "strongly opinionated" life of me....,
The Teacher,
Thoughts from the heart of Dixie....,
Another misadventure,
Where's the Coffee?,
Winged Emotion,
Intellectual Dropout.

I highly recommend all of the above. I also read my S.O.'s blog, but he hasn't had time to post in awhile. If and when he starts writing it again, I'll "pimp" his link here.

I don't have time to read all of the above EVERY DAY, but I check them all regularly. And post comments as often as possible. I DO check my S.O.'s ex's blog from time to time to see what kind of bullshit she is writing, but I'm not going to include the link. I'm not going to be responsible for poisoning anymore minds. She, and her warped partner-in-confusion, do enough of that already. Actually, HIS blog (the more-than-slightly bizarre live-in boyfriend) is sometimes, kind of interesting, especially the ones on politics, but he can never seem to shut the hell up on any given topic. He just goes on, and on, and on....And his rudeness and disrespect for the father of the children he says he cares about is inexcusable, not to mention what he's written about me and MY children! But I digress......

Finally, I also check this blog - "Ask and Ye Shall Receive...". This guy and his team review blogs. I have signed up to get a review but I'm still way down on the list. I'm kind of afraid to see what he'll write, but still, it seems like harmless fun.

Anyway, I've completly blown off 2 hours now, so I guess I had better do SOMETHING. Have a good Friday, all!(grin)


Where's the Coffee said...

I'm so glad I have a chance to catch up on my blog reading today! I love the Charlie Brown special too - I just wish Lucy didn't have to say "stupid beagle" so often - ugh!

How wonderful that you have a day off with the kids in school! Enjoy it!

sunShine said...

Look at you home alone. Feels wonderful doesn't it? I would help you with the blogroll thing, but honestly I have no clue how to do one. I know I have one, but I have had it since the beginning of my blog and I really don't know how it got there. Oh well, sorry I am no help with that. Have a good weekend!

Kentucky Girl said...

I can help you add your blog roll! :D

Okay, go to and add all your favorite-est blogs. When you're done, it should produce a wee little line of code. You'll copy that code and paste it into your template on blogger. I can help you. Just shoot me off an email. :D

Melissa said...

Okay, I was going to give code instructions, but kentucky girl's idea is waaaaaay better than mine. Do what she said!

The blog review site sounds cool, but I'd be so anxious waiting to hear what they said--I don't think I could do it!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...


That's all I gotta say. Just... yup.


PS, it was lovely talking with you today on email!

Yorksdevil said...

I've written the code for you, but I haven't got your e-mail so if you e-mail me at I'll send it over to you.

Thanks for the mention.

FindingHeart said...

Well, by the time I get on here, you've already got code and advice. Hmm, not much left to do, huh. :)

Always like finding other teacher blogs, so thanks for posting your list. I haven't messed with my blogroll in a long time. Guess I need to update.

Have a great weekend.

The Princess said...

Sniff, sniff

Don't you stop by my site everyday!??!