Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yellow frogs.

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Greed is often associated with death and disease.Greed is a selfish desire to obtain money, wealth, material possessions or any other entity than one legitimately needs. Greed is listed as one of the Catholic seven deadly sins, usually by the synonym of avarice.

Desire to increase one's wealth has become more acceptable (and the word, "greed", used less frequently) in Western culture, where the desire to acquire wealth has been understood as indispensable for economic prosperity. Most believe that there are varying degrees to the pursuit of material wealth, some lesser degrees might not be considered to be "greed".

When greed entails the covetousness of another person's attributes, the term envy is used. When greed is applied to the subject of the excessive consumption of food or drink the term gluttony is often used, another of the Catholic seven deadly sins. Greed is sometimes represented by the color yellow and the frog.

Buddhists believe greed is based on incorrectly connecting material wealth with happiness. This is caused by a deluded view that exaggerates the positive aspects of an object.

I think this definition speaks for itself. I guess if you're a yellow frog, you know it.


Yorksdevil said...

When I was reading up on the seven deadly sins I recall reading about the distinction between greed and avarice. Off the top of my head avarice is when you have a modest amount but covet a great deal (and comes from a Latin word meaning 'covet') whereas greed is when you already have plenty but desire even more.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Very well put. An excellent post, honey.

Greed, or even the thought of needing something of value in order to feel as if you have control of yourself or others is indeed something that will hold you back in this Universe.

Your soul is here for the sake of learning (I think) to let go of such desires. To learn to let go of that which one holds most dear, is the path to enlightenment.

I think.


eatmisery said...

Greed, envy, and avarice are never good things.

Tricia said...

OK, now I can't allow my children to have a pet frog :)

But, I would think the color green would be the color of greed - because of money - but that's simple me :)

FindingHeart said...

Funny, I have a little ceramic frog I got when a kid. The store said it was chineese symbol for prosperity. ironic how prosperity and greed are loosely connected here. :)