Saturday, September 30, 2006

A guest blogger responds

Dear friends and readers,
I have never had a guest writer here, but I have offered my dear S.O. the opportunity to write a post to address some issues that have come up. And so, without further ado, my sweetie, The Blue Baron:

To "The Oral Report" and "Miserable Annals of the Earth" writers,

I quit reading your blog posts because I chose not to bore myself with your opinionated drivel. The sweet sensible writer of this blog is not fanning any flames of discontent. The author of this blog is well educated, level headed, successful and sociable. She writes better than either of you two. To the writer of TOR, from what I've heard about what you continue to post it sounds like you can't give up sanctifying yourself. You can't move on, get the chip off your shoulder. You never say you're wrong about anything yet you are, a lot. Every bit of feeling in my heart about you is direct from me with no help from others. To the writer of MAOTE, you just have nothing worth reading. You have in the past, leveled your consternation at the woman I love, and at me. For this you won't be regarded.

The Coffee Table author and I are more than just a current thing despite what the author of TOR would think. Again TOR writer, more of your "I'm right" assertions gone wrong.

Thank you HoosierGirl for letting me get my two cents in...The Blue Baron

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RWA said... that is some serious stuff!