Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doesn't Play Well With Others....

Sometimes people are so aggravating and stupid that you just have to laugh! They work themselves up into a tizzy and you imagine them stamping their little feet and steam blowing out of their little's so awful, it's funny. So, to amuse myself, I decided to go pretend T-shirt shopping for a couple of people who are so immersed in their own self-righteousness, they have no idea how ridiculous they appear. The names have been changed here to protect the idiots, um, i mean, the innocent. We'll call this couple, Derwood and Spamela.

For Spamela, who unfortunately is engaged to Derwood, I have made the following selections:

Maybe on her next doctor visit she can get de-magnetized. I think her ability to attract freaks came with her divorce papers, so maybe her lawyer would be a better choice. I don't know. It may be impossible to fix at this point since she's slept with him (ick).


This applies to her apparent ability to appear calm and reasonable in her blog posts, and then turn around and send these long-winded, screeching harangues via e-mail.


I'm not sure if this is a good selection for her or not. She is such a bulky person that chocolate in any form would not be a good choice And unfortunately Derwood can only get minimum wage, temporary-type jobs, and then he has a hard time holding onto those. To make matters worse, he takes the little money he DOES make and spends it on comic books and toys. So rich, or even comfortable, is probably not going to be a part of her future. It's a good thing SHE has a decent job...somebody has to support him.

Okay, now for Derwood:
Selection #1:

Actually, I have no evidence that his thingy is stupid, but I'm pretty sure it's small. Just a guess, from the stuff that he writes. People who resort to making stuff up and calling names usually aren't too bright, from top to bottom.


I would imagine this is why he has no friends and is banned from several chatrooms and websites. People who don't like him have simply quit talking to him. I can definitely understand that.


This one speaks for itself. Now, I'm not actually calling him a jackass, but if the shoe fits......

Okay, I feel better. Thank you for your patience in this self-indulgent amusement.

****This blog site is fictional. Any resemblance to any real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.****


sunShine said...

Too funny. Some people really are idiots though. I need the mood swing shirt! HAHA

Glad you are feeling better today. Maybe tomorrow will be better for me, I sure hope so!

eatmisery said...

Don't you feel beter now that you've vented? Ya gotta love blogging!

HoosierGirl5 said...

i KNOW it was a little childish, but i DO feel SO much better.
you are so right - you gotta love blogging, just not all bloggers! (har, har)

Tricia said...

LOVE IT! This wasn't about me was it? JUST KIDDING! I love the blog - I added you to my blogroll :)