Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Little Bit of 'Dis and a little bit of 'dat.....

This post is going to be all over the place...I have a little bit of lots of stuff...

First of all, my parents are home! Yay! They have been gone for close to a month on a trip to Switzerland. They rent an apartment then travel around to their favorite spots, drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of cheese! They brought back all kinds of neat things, including a German Hot Wheel for my S.O.'s extensive collection (FINALLY i will add one to his collection that he doesn't already have!), little swiss toy cars for the little boys, tons of chocolate, including some little bars for my boyfriend's girls, and all kinds of great cheese and wine. But the best part is having them back around.

I got some sunflowers the other day. I LOVE sunflowers, and when I lived in the country I planted a whole field of them! When the delivery man knocked on my door, I took them delightedly....until I read the card. They were not from the man I love...they were from a man I dated before him. He called me the other night and basically asked me to give him another chance. I tried to tell him, as nicely as possible, that I was in a committed relationship (which he knew) and was not interested in dating anyone else. But he sent the flowers anyway, with a card that said," You're a special girl. Please consider what I said. Love, S." I called his cell phone and left a message to please stop. He called again today to say goodbye before he left on his trip and said he would call me when he got back. I told him I will be on vacation with my boyfriend, his girls, and my kids, and please don't.

What gets me is - I REALLY liked this guy! Why didn't he have this revelation of how wonderful I am when the feelings were mutual?! AND, I pointed out to him, it was because he was "confused" back then, and needed "space", and wanted to "explore other options" - all his words, all HIS choices - because of all that, my teacher friends urged me to meet other people and to stay busy, and one of the first people I met is the man I love today! (deep sigh) "Men - can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em!" (I changed the quote from "women" to "men", but can anyone tell what movie that line is from?)

Another bit - I have always wanted a little corner office of my own. There is room in my bedroom, but I just hadn't made it happen. One by one, things have fallen into place - an inexpensive second computer, a router from my brother-in-law, a nice computer desk on clearance at Target at the same time I was in possession of a Mother's Day gift card from my kids, a nice floor lamp from a neighbor's yard sale, but most especially, a wonderfully computer-literate boyfriend with the time and the savvy to put it all together for me. Now I am sitting in a peaceful corner of my room, with subtle lighting, with a place to work on bills, play on the computer, do my school work when school starts, and coming soon, a soft chair for a place to read. The older kids like it as a place to talk privately on the phone, and I foresee it will be a much-needed secluded homework corner (in a small house with 4 kids, 1 mom, and 3 cats, we often need study spots for the older kids!). It is a wonderful gift and I will have to give my S.O. an extra kiss for helping me put it all together.

My youngest has been taking swimming lessons this week in the evenings at the local pool, and we are leaving an hour early to have some splash and play time! Tomorrow a friends-and-family visit to the bowling alley - anything to stay cool and NOT stay around the house. As soon as I can borrow my boyfriend's digital camera, I will post some pictures of my little dolphin! He is doing so well, and having a great time, too!

Finally, I talked to my ex, Larry (the one with cancer) on the phone last night. He has had more chemo, but is finally not so nauseous. He sounded pretty good on the phone. He said something interesting, when I asked how he was feeling about things....he said, "I don't cry for me anymore. I cry for Matt and Vicki mostly." (Matt and Vicki are his kids). I am going down for a quick visit on Saturday.

That's all I have, folks. It's a very hot and humid day here in Southern Indiana, but thankfully the pool awaits.

And, no, I don't wish anyone would blow away in a bubble only to fall to his or her death. But I DO wish they would grow up and get over it already. Sheesh.


eatmisery said...

Enlighten me. What's that last comment about blowing away in a bubble about? Just curious. Email me.

Tim Tjarks said...

Leaving this response here on your blog since I'm not sure you'll see it on mine. Yes, I'm really 30. But that's in hexadecimal (base 16). It sounds so much better that way. One of the benefits of being a computer scientist. The same way my son, who can legally buy a drink, is now 15.

To all the normal folks, who count in decimal, I'm 48. So, you can go back to feeling young. :-)

MJ Norton said...

Sunflowers mostly remind me of my first girlfriend, decades ago. Her family had a (mostly vegetable) garden in their backyard, but they also had sunflowers in it.