Monday, April 20, 2009

Man-oh-man Monday!

Wow! What a weekend! Quick recap: Friday night - Rachael has opening night for Spring Musical, Aaron has a soccer game. Saturday - Sent boys off with their dad to Thunder over Louisville and then to camp, took teenagers down to riverfront for funnel cakes, picked up Steven, picked teenagers up, headed up to my parents to watch Thunder from their backyard (they have a view). Sunday - Sleep in, kids with dad, Steven and I go see "Fast and Furious4", kids back home, laundry. lesson plans.

And today, after teaching school all day, Steven picked me up and took me straight to Kroger for 4 hours of computer training. Very boring. Needless to say, I'm tired.

But the good news is: I walked 8, 000 steps today with my Virgin HealthMiles digital pedometer. I am trying to do between 7, 000 and 12,000 a day to earn Healthmiles and rewards! There are a bunch of us at work doing it.

And now, for Manic Monday:

Describe to me your favorite lounging clothes. My gray lounging pajama pants and any old large t-shirt. Sloppy, but very comfortable.

If you promised to never lie again in your lifetime, in what area would it be hardest to uphold the promise? Money and finances.

Give a one word answer to the question "why is life worth living". Love.

Hope you had a great Monday!



Jan said...

Goodness. You tire me out just reading about your weekend! Aren't weekends supposed to be for relaxation? LOL You have to go to work to get some rest it seems! :)

Jodi said...

Tookie - It's like that around here, sometimes. Not EVERY weekend is like that. And a lot of it was fun.

It is interesting, however, that I came home from work tonight (Tuesday) and took a 2 hour nap!!


trkndude299 said...

A two hour nap? You slug! You slug again!
I'm glad that I took care of most of the laundry, soaked the dishes, chauferred kid, arranged clandestine meeting with said kid and mom, so mom could check out very handsome kid!
Returned to provide more driver services to HG, kept to myself in my barely plausible man cave, while "Mom" had some mommy time with all kiblets.
Not to mention all my daily tasks related to running a biznaz, which needed to be tended to.
And I managed to annoy folks for about 1000 miles, with ONE potty break! And I was up and runnin b-4 U!
Tended to a repair mishap, that I'm sure will prove to be quite costly to me. (growl)
I'm tired now. G-nite evrbody!