Sunday, April 10, 2011

I've Got an Itch to Stitch!

Do you want to hear something weird? I thought I had my "mid life crisis" when I got divorced (which was only 2 years from my 40 birthday). I was wrong: I had it this spring when my son Joseph turned 21. All of a sudden, it was like "OMG, what have I done with the last 20 years? Wasn't he a baby just the other day?".

I started accumulating a mental list of things I had always wanted to do. Many of them I can't do travel to Europe. But 2 or 3 things hit me, and they were simple ones. Like learn to crochet.

This past week was spring break for me. My good friend Sayre suggested to me that I could teach myself to crochet using YouTube videos. I was skeptical but I did a search and found this one: How to Crochet for the Absolute Beginner. THIS is me!

So, using the video I learned how to chain and single crochet. My first practice piece was supposed to be a dish cloth, but I wasn't counting right, or making the turns from row to row right, so very quickly my rectangle-shaped project was becoming a triangle. After about 5 rows, I started over. The blue piece represents my first completed project. But you see it still has somewhat diagonal sides.

I did the exact same project again, this time in pink. You see that I FINALLY got the corners right. Then I used the video to learn how to make circles. I don't have any projects in mind for something with circles, I just wanted to see if I could do it.

My latest project is a placemat. This required a lighter yarn, which is a little harder for me, and again I failed to count and turn properly. So the sides are coming out uneven and crooked. But I love the colors and the texture. I have decided to finish this off and use it as a decoration or doilie, then start over and do the placemats correctly. I would love to make a set of neat, even placemats for my table.

Anyway, I now have about 8 skeins of yarn waiting for me for different projects. I really like doing it and find that it is serving another good purpose: keeping me away from Farmville! LOL!

Hope you all had a great week!



Sayre said...

It's a great meditation too. Your hands are busy, but your mind is free to roam!

karisma said...

hehe! Its addictive hey? Your stitches are so neat too, some of my friends found it took them ages to just make a row of stitches so you are doing an awesome job. I love the tutorials too. They are so helpful and easy to follow.

NadineC said...

Hi - thanks for commenting on my repost at Pins & Needles :-) But I must say...YOUR beginning crochet skills are much, much "madder" than mine, LOL! Your efforts make me look like I'm crocheting with my FEET, haha. Well, maybe if I watch the video, I'll get the hang of it ;-)

Brother Dave said...

Shirley showed our oldest granddaughter how to crochet last year and Jordan has definitely now gotten the hang of it.

Congratulations on your new skill.

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Rika Simon said...

Accidently found your blog and can't stop read it :)

Nice to read the crochet part. it's a new hobby for me too. And now it became a medication for me, just like a stress-killer :D

Thanks for sharing.
Rika (Jakarta-Indonesia)