Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electrical Difficulties

You see this picture?

My middle son has no idea what this is or how it's used. He leaves lights on all over the house, all the time.

It's driving me crazy!



Blondefabulous said...

Take away all his light bulbs... or switch to compact fluorescent.

Brother Dave said...

The compact fluorescents have evolved from the stark, bright lamps that most people disliked. Their luminescence ratings are important to note when selecting them.

We now have compact fluorescents in all of our light fixtures, including outdoor lighting. The compact fluorescents use 25% the energy that a comparable incandescent lamp would consume.

For example, our two coach fixtures outdoors could burn for 24 hours and use far less electricity than two incandescent lamps there during only the night period.

While you may not easily change your son's behavior as to turning out lights not needed, you might be less stressed if you knew those lamps were using 75% less electricity.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Zowie. Well maybe do a jar where he has to drop in a quarter every time you find a light left on...

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