Sunday, August 08, 2010

Big Week starts this week for the boys. Aaron, who was in our parish Catholic school grades K-3, then spent 4th grade year in our neighborhood public school, is going BACK to Catholic school on Wednesday, but a different school. This school is actually the grade school I attended, and my dad. It was used as a church school when my dad was a kid, then it was technically a public school when I went (although it was pretty much still Catholic), then it closed for awhile, then the parish reopened it about 10 years ago. The principal seems very nice, and very understanding of Aaron's issues. The teacher is young, but not too young, if you know what I mean. I am hopeful that things will go well.

Daniel starts his sophomore year. He has several advanced classes. I don't think he will have a problem juggling football and classes. I don't have to worry about him -he has lots of friends and works well with everyone.

It's going to be so weird with only the 2 boys here on a day-to-day basis. With both boys playing football, that's going to be a big part of daily life.

I have my first "teacher" day on Friday, and another one on Monday, then students start the following Tuesday.

It's a big week!
Have a good one,


Sayre said...

I'm having a hard time imagining my son going off to school or moving out. I know he will, and I think I will be glad of it when the time comes, but he says he's going to live with me until he's 52! NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!!!!

Enjoy your crazy week. I've got one coming up too, but it involves my husband getting a new knee, rearranging the house so he can live downstairs and playing nurse. Gotta train that boy to help - especially if he's gonna stay with us as long as he thinks he is!

Brother Dave said...

Our youngest, pushing 40, is going back to school. Starts a couple classes next week.

Our oldest, who currently lives with us, is in a relationship that seems to be getting serious. This time next year Shirley and I may have an empty nest.

The biggest thing for us at summer's near end is our vacation trip to Ohio. Twin brother and younger sister are among lots of family to visit. Looking forward.

Enjoy your school year and the boys' football games.

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - I didn't think it would ever happen, until it did. Now it's happening again.

Brother Dave - You're coming to Ohio? When?