Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was a good and bad day. Good because it was Easter Sunday, Steven was here and went to church with us, and we went up to my parents' to eat a delicious dinner. Bad because Aaron lied to us, did not take his pill, and completely whacked out on jelly beans. He was talking and moving NON-STOP during church. Only after punishing him with no electronics for 2 days (he lost 1 day but would not stop so he lost 2 days), limiting his desserts for the rest of the day and only allowing him ONE piece of candy did he settle down. He had a whole week at school with no problems and has actually been playing with some of the kids in the neighborhood with no incidents, so I guess he was due for a bad day.

Anyway, the weather was great, my nephew was adorable hunting eggs, and it was terrific to have a relaxing day with Steven and the kids.

Hope you all had a great day!



metalmom said...

Hey! I like that picture! LOL

I cannot imagine ever telling one of my kids "no candy" on Easter! You're far stronger than I am!!

Brother Dave said...

Yes… Aaron was due for a bad day. However, at the time of consumption he was thrilled to having all that candy. After all, the Easter Bunny wants the kids to enjoy candy on Easter.