Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mid-America Truck Show

Steven and I made our annual trip (3rd time!) to the Mid-America truck show this past Friday. We had a great time! First, there was "trucker karaoke"! Steven was coaxed into singing "Eastbound and Down" on national Sirius radio - live! He did a terrific job, and did not kill me for getting him into it!

Of course, there were all kinds of big, impressive, VERY EXPENSIVE trucks to look at, AND......
famous people! I met John Ratzenberger ("Cliff" from Cheers fame) and Alex from Ice Road Truckers. (scroll down for pictures)

All in all, it was a fun day!


Jay said...

Looks like redneck heaven. LOL

I've never been to a truck show. Been to a lot of RV, camper and boat shows in this area though.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record; I was being pushed + shoved toward the mic while J was urging the crowd on!
I was dead meat no matter which way I decided to run, so I figgered wth, make J happy. I really had NO clue I was on National radio. Again, I had no idea I was on a national broadcast.
Had I known, I would have simply passed out from the embarrassment.


Just another day with the Hoosier Goddess.
Her appeasement never ends!!!!!

J really is such a kid at these shows; talk, talk, talk, talk, eat, talk, talk, etc.

Hoosier Girl said...

Okay, smarty pants, I have a rebuttal to your comments:

#1 - Please do not make it seem as if it was all about "appeasing" me. If you were going to appease me, you would have bought the mini-fridge and the radio!

#2 - You were having FUN and I have the pictures to prove it!

#3 - When the DJs mentioned "broadcasting live", what exactly did that mean to you? (hee, hee)

#4 - I'm not the ONLY ONE who likes to talk!

Love you, silly man!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the dreaded reBUTTal, as in kinda like a BUTTin-ski!

The fridge was your idea. I do need a radio.

This was as fun for me as going to the dentist is fun.

They have usually broad(ahem)casted live in the past for the truck show attendees only smartee pantz.

You talk because you enjoy the conversation; I talk because I need answers to the questions I have.

I would like to thank you for not pointing out I was in bed for half of the truck show nursing a super killer headache.
I must have been fearing the upcoming appeasing talkathon.

I love yu tu.


Brother Dave said...

OMG… you guys were in heaven.

Just Dave said...

You got your picture taken with Cliff Claven??!! I am so jealous.