Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hey everybody. Sorry I've been so slow in updating everyone on my dad. Basically, my dad had to stay in the hospital 2 nights. They ran every test imaginable. What they found was that my dad had been taking the same blood pressure medicine for years and was building up a tolerance to it. They found too much of it in his blood. That was what was causing the dizzy spells. It was slowing his heart down too much. Also, he was dehydrated. Since his prostate cancer surgery he has trouble with mild incontinence and it made him mad, so he wasn't drinking as much as he should because he hated having to go to the bathroom so often. Which the doctor gave him a lecture about.

So.....they switched him to a new blood pressure medicine and kept him overnight to monitor his reaction. They gave him lots of fluids. And told him how much to drink each day, no matter what. And all his tests - his heart, his arteries,etc, came back normal.

He's home. He's driving, doing stuff. I think he's back to normal. It was scary. I mean, he IS 76. But I think he's okay for now. I hope to keep him around for awhile longer. I love my dad, and my kids love their Grandpa. We need to keep him healthy.

Thanks for everyone's good wishes and prayers.



karisma said...

Fantastic news!

Palm Springs Savant said...

glad they got that all sorted out.

Brother Dave said...

Great news. Thanks for sharing.