Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hello from Indiana!!

I can't believe it's been a week. I am totally slacking off. Of course, apparently hardly any one has been by HERE either. Where are all you people, and what are you up to? I KNOW what E.Craig is up to......he is constantly on Facebook, playing "Mafia Wars". I like Facebook, but I'm NOT getting hooked on Mafia Wars, especially with a guy who is retired and has tons of time to play on the Internet.

Anyway, it's Labor Day weekend. Steven is here, the boys are gone with their dad. I had asked to have Sunday OR Monday off, but my evil wonderful boss at the deli scheduled me for tonight (Saturday), tomorrow from 9:30-6, and Monday 3-9. I am really bummed that I don't even have ONE day off. Not one. I am so tempted to call in tomorrow, but I'm afraid to.

School is going pretty well. My co-teacher is driving me crazy by NOT doing her job. My student teacher is awesome, and I'm getting along well with lots of my other colleagues. The kids are doing fine in school. Joseph is busy, busy, busy at IU with classes and being an R.A. in his dorm. Rachael is doing very well as a senior. Daniel is having a great year so far. He played 3 whole minutes in his first ever varsity football game last night (they were up 42-0) and he got a tackle (Announcer: "Tackle by #63, Daniel __________!" Mom goes wild at hearing her son's name announced!). He also played a fantastic JV game this morning.

Please say some prayers for Aaron. He loves his new school, but he's kind of going through a rough patch. It's hard to explain it all here, but we're thinking he has some emotional issues and possibly some OCD issues. He has had some medicine changes and being seeing a counselor but we're about to step up to seeing a psychiatrist. It's complicated. The good news is, he has a great teacher who keeps me updated, sometimes several times in a day, he IS making friends, and he gets to start learning to play the viola in orchestra next week.

So there you have it: my life in 5 paragraphs. Oh, I forgot to say Steven and I are still doing well. We will have been together 2 years in October. And please don't ask about wedding plans. There are none at this time. We are happy the way things are, for the most part.

I hope you all have a relaxing and fun weekend. Let me know how you're doing.

HUGS from Indiana!



Sayre said...

ZBoy went through a rough patch after changing schools and going into third grade. That's when he stopped eating and became a clean nut (washing hands A LOT - obsessively). There was a bully issue in the mix too - nothing physical but he did take an emotional beating from this kid. Therapy helped a lot. If that's what Aaron needs, by all means get it for him. It will also give him the tools to cope with whatever is going on.

Glad to hear your other kids are doing well. And I'm sorry you have to work all weekend. That sucks! Do you get extra pay for the holiday?

Blondefabulous said...

I used to hate it when I'd specifically ask for a day off, and just because I was the "new" kid in the deli, I'd get shafted! Good luck. Holidays like that can drag on and on sometimes!

Brother Dave said...

Our prayers go out forAaron. The important thing is that he is being helped.

Sorry to hear that there is no day off during this holiday stretch.

sunShine said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. I will be praying for Aaron.