Sunday, August 02, 2009

Presenting.....Vehicle #2

Don't ever say good things don't happen to ordinary people. Some good friends of mine got an amazing deal on a Toyota Camry for their daughter. They decided to "pay it forward" by offering me an amazing deal on their 95 Suburban. Yes, it's a tank. Yes, it gets only 14 miles to the gallon. But all I have to do is put a tag on it and insure it. And I'm only putting liability on it since it's paid for!
It isn't the economy car I had hoped for, but now the teenagers will have an independent way to school and back. It won't be a "run around" car - we'll keep using the Taurus for that.

Anyway, it's fun to drive (like a truck!)



Jay said...

Cool beans! That was really nice of them. Especially considering that that thing probably qualifies for Cash for Clunkers and they could have gotten a sweet deal on a new car. LOL ;-)

Sayre said...

Wow... what great friends! My dad gave me an old Ford Ranger pickup truck that he came and rescued me from Oklahoma in. My husband drove it until it almost literally fell apart. Then it had an honored spot in our yard and a tree growing in the front seat for a while before a friend decided he wanted to try to rebuild it.

That's about as close to having your kids drive a tank as you can get without putting them in the military!

Tookie Tail said...

How wonderful!! I love Suburbans! One good thing about it is you won't have to worry about the safety of your kids in it. Even though we should be driving more economically, I like my larger car. I'm happy for you!

Sushiboy said...

Cool! Congrats!

Just Dave said...

Suburbans are awesome cars. One thing - if it doesn't have 4 wheel drive, keep something heavy in the back during the winter. Like pickups, they tend to lose traction in icy conditions due to lack of weight in the rear. I wouldn't worry about having just liability insurance. You would have to hit an 18 wheeler to do much damage to the thing. Anyway, I will swear that it was the other guys fault. Just ask me.

Hoosier Girl said...

Jay - It DOES qualify for the "Cash for Clunkers". But I don't know if I can afford a payment of any kind right now. And yes, it was VERY nice of them.

Sayre - At least I know they won't be tearing around corners or breaking any speed records. And it has a VERY loud motor. I LOVE it!

Tookie - I really do like it. Even if it doesn't have air conditioning. But it DOES have heat.

Sushi - Thanks!

Just Dave - I know you would back me. :)