Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy, busy, busy......

OMG! It's Friday already! Where has the week gone? I guess it goes without saying that this has been gear-up week. EVERYONE goes back to school next week. Here's the update on the gang:

Joseph - Back to Indiana University in Bloomington (also known as THE campus) next Sunday. He goes back earlier than most to start his duties as an RA.

Rachael - Back to high school on Wednesday as a SENIOR!!! She is excited. AND, with the arrival of the Suburban she will be driving to school for the first time ever and parking in the ever-coveted "Senior Lot".

Daniel - Starting high school as a freshman on Wednesday. Very excited. Already in "back to school" mode with freshman football practice in full swing.

Aaron - Big news! Aaron will be starting 4th grade in our neighborhood public school. After much discussion, I decided Aaron needed a fresh start. He is very excited about no uniforms and riding the bus.

Me - Back to work next Tuesday, back to students next Thursday. I will be glad to be back to school and less at the other work place.

Hope you all had a great week. I will catch up with you all this weekend, hopefully.



karisma said...

School? School? Wassat?

Sayre said...

We start school on the 24th. ZBoy is in denial!!!! In spite of the rather long and boring summer, he's enjoyed himself and not having to do anything. It's going to be hard for him to get back in the groove. Starting with bedtime. 9pm starting on Monday.

Me too, I think. But I'm looking FORWARD to the start of school and being able to go to work on a more regular schedule.

Trukindog said...

Aaron in public school! Finally one of your kids gets to live in the real & normal world. ;-)

Brother Dave said...

Sounds like you have everything fairly well under control.

How nice you will be doing less at the Deli.

Hoosier Girl said...

Karisma - Har, har.

Sayre - I agree with you on the schedule. We need to get back to more of a routine around here.

T-dog - Kiss my rear, buddy. I know how much you love Catholic schools.

Brother Dave - I'm trying!!!