Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Made the Donuts......

Yep - I was up at 4:15 this morning, getting dressed, getting a "wake up" call from Steven (which was SO SWEET, btw), stopping by McD's for coffee, so I could get to the K**ger bakery and learn to make donuts. Luckily, it's not hard - they come frozen, they are put on trays the day before, put in a cooler, and then baked the next morning.

So I baked the donuts, glazed and frosted them, put them out, cleaned up the trays from the day before, made the trays for tomorrow's donuts, bagged up bread that had been baked in the middle of the night, then made the trays for tomorrow's bread. Doesn't sound like a lot but all of that took 8 hours. We may not make our donuts from scratch, but we do make donuts and bake bread fresh daily.

The donut-making was fun. Anything new is interesting. The donut prep and bread prep wasn't exactly fun, but it's intriguing. It's like a puzzle, as in, "let's see if I can figure this shit out."

I didn't start to feel tired until close to noon, but I got finished at 1:30 so it wasn't too bad. I came home, ate, and took a nap. I'm still sleepy, but not terribly so. We'll see how I feel after TOMORROW'S shift!!!

Tonight Joseph and I are going to Rachael's closing night of "Steel Magnolias". I survived my first day as a donut maker!!!!


PS. Wednesday just might be important......wonder why? (hint, hint)


Jay said...

Mmmm ... donuts. Fresh warm, baked donuts are so awesome.

Trukindog said...

Does this mean your gonna grow a Mustache? :-)

captain corky said...

Donuts sound really good right about now!

Brother Dave said...

Your description of donut-making had me drooling for a yummy pastry. "How does it feel to want?" you ask.

It feels just wanterful.

Hoosier Girl said...

Jay - I had a warm glaszed one this morning and yes, it was good!

T-dog - You're hilarious, you know that? No moustache.

CaptainCorky - I'll be making the donuts Friday and Saturday mornings at the Kroger on State Street. Come on over and have one!

BrotherDave - The only donut I was actually tempted to eat was the glazed one.....and I did. The rest of the time I was way too busy to drool.