Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Great Stinkout

The other night I came out of my bedroom and into the kitchen and found Aaron sitting in front of the stove in a chair, facing the door to the living room. Not a typical place to be sitting.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Oh, I'm just sitting here, getting ready to protect myself, in case Daniel tries to kill me."

He had my attention.

"Why would he kill you?" At this moment I noticed my small bottle of Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea spray cologne sitting next to him on the stove. Almost completely empty. "What is this?" I yelled. "This was almost full this morning! What did you do?!"

He looked up at me with an innocent look. "He said I was stupid. So I sprayed the bathroom while he's in the shower. He's gonna smell reallllllly good when he gets out." Pleased with himself, he smiled, as if to say "who's stupid now?"

I ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, Daniel was finishing his shower, mad as a wet teenager, and choking and gagging on sickeningly sweet humid air.

Yes, Daniel and the bathroom smelled quite sweet for the rest of the evening.
No, I didn't let Daniel kill Aaron.(although he wanted to)
And yes, Aaron had to give me some of his birthday money to replace my cologne.

I think Daniel is going to be a little more careful in the future about getting Aaron mad. Aaron has proven he can give as good as he gets.

Life with boys is never dull.



Sayre said...

That was quite an inventive way to get even! Aaron's got a good head on his shoulders. Perhaps he should invest in his own perfume just in case this comes up again.

I'm still giggling... boys!

Jay said...

That's pretty clever. Well played Aaron!

Blondefabulous said...

That's just too funny. I might have been a little put out for him using my perfume though.

Sounds like someone needs to start saving for a Mother's Day gift.

Superwoman said...

hee hee, smart, uh, I mean, you shouldn't have done that.

Trukindog said...

Hey at least he didn't siphon a bucket full of gas from your car and rig it to dump when he opened the shower curtain. :)

e.Craig Crawford said...

That story reminds me of the perfume incident involving Brother Dave & me in high school.

Brother Dave never smelled so good.

Brother Dave said...

Re: "Brother Dave never smelled so good."

OMG… I do not even recall the incident.

Hoosier Girl said...

Everyone - Oh, I know I should have been mad at him. And he did get a "talking to", as well as being expected to replace my perfume. But it was hard not to laugh. And I couldn't help myself when Daniel complained later that he "stunk" and I had to say, "I think you smell real sweet!". Boy, he glared at me! And took an extra shower the next morning!