Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl 43, as seen by an 8 yr. old

Aaron's unique perspective on the SuperBowl:

Before the game starts:
"Do they do this every year?" "Is Pittsburgh in Indiana?"

On Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson singing:
"This is more like a concert than a football game."

After seeing all the close-ups of the football players during "The Star-Spangled Banner":
"Some of those guys don't even know all the words!" and "I bet they keep that camera really clean."

After the flyover: "Are those guys going to drop fireworks?"

During the coin toss: "Are they EVER going to start?"

After watching Pittsburgh make a touchdown, then have it challenged in the 1st quarter:
"He didn't really make it. The judges saw it on TV, and they took it back."

30 minutes into the game: "I'm done watching football. I'm going to watch cartoons."

Coming into the living room in the 2nd quarter: "Are they still playing?"
Sampling Rachael's snacks, holding two hot wings on either side of his body:
"Hey look Mom, I've got wings!"
At half-time, when Bruce Springsteen was on:
"What happened to the game? Who is THAT guy? Why is Mom dancing?"
3rd Quarter, clearly getting bored: "Well, at least we got to eat good snacks."
And that, my friends, is how an 8 yr. old sees the Super Bowl.


metalmom said...

"I'm done watching football. I'm going to watch cartoons." I hear that!!

"Hey look Mom, I've got wings!"

Jay said...

Well at least he DID get some good snacks.

Brother Dave said...

Aaron obviously has the proper perspective on the whole thing.

Superwoman said...

lol, we made it to half time before the kids made us turn on KungFu Panda. That was a pretty sweet interception in the first half though.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I guess it's something you have to grow into. Great questions.

yorksdevil said...

I thought the first half went by quickly, once it started that is.

Might have been different questions if you'd been watching Comcast in Arizona.

Tookie Tail said...

LOL Great post!! I love this! So funny but so real. :)