Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Self-Love Day!


I am here to tell you all that I really love my cheerfulness and friendliness.  Please leave me a comment telling me something YOU like/love about me.

Thank you!

If YOU want to participate, here’s how the whole thing works:

1.) You’re gonna grab yourself a banner. If you don’t like the one I’ve used in this post, you can find another one here.

2.) You’re gonna post that banner and then tell us all something that you really like LOVE about yourself (thus, the “self-love” portion of our program).

3.) Ask or beg your readers to post one thing that they too love about you!!! If your blog friends are nice, you shouldn’t have to beg…much.

4.) Enjoy yourself and spread the love by doing this on your blog! If you want to, drop me a line or a trackback so that I know you participated too!

Have a happy Friday!


Sayre said...

I love this idea! I will do it later on today (**whisper** when I'm not at work).

Brother Dave said...

Looks like fun.

Finn said...

Happy self-love day! I did this too.

What I like about you is... your warmtn and friendliness.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I love that you are such a great MOM.

Superwoman said...

I love that you always find something to laugh about!

Superwoman said...

btw, I'm stealing this.

Sayre said...

Okay, okay... I did it this morning. But it's there!

Happy Valentine's Day, J!

metalmom said...

I missed this!!

I like your sense of humor and your way of writing about your family. Since we are just getting to 'know each other', I can't wait to learn more!