Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boys, boys, boys.

When I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to be a mom someday. I was always volunteering to babysit at church functions, always the one holding someone's baby. But in my vision of myself as a mother, I imagined I had girls. Like Carol Brady - 2 or 3 blonde little girls with pigtails and dresses.

Instead, I ended up with more boys than girls. Of course, I have one beautiful daughter and she is a an adventure all to herself. But this post is about my boys.

Joseph is my oldest and he is away at college. I miss him a lot. I see his face in my pictures on my laptop and I can't believe he's not here. Most of the time our phone conversations are short exchanges of information. I always tell him how much I love him. Last week he really surprised me. He called me in the middle of the day, which he rarely does because I'm at school and have a hard time making a personal phone call. I called him back on my lunch and he really touched my heart: he was stressed out over his French class and he just needed someone to talk to. I almost cried. He still needs me! I made him a care package, and just tonight I've decided I'm going to drive up to see him this week and take him out to dinner. My boy still needs his mom, no matter how independent he may seem.

Daniel is my middle son, my 3rd child. I have written a lot here about his athletic abilities. Daniel is a genuinely good kid. He tries hard in everything he does. Today HE completely surprised me: he came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom, can you come here right now? It's very important.". I jumped up and went in the bathroom and the look on his face told me something was really upsetting him. He pulled his shorts down right there on the spot and said, "There's a spot on my penis." This from the boy who hasn't let me see him naked in years! I calmly knelt down, examined the spot, and declared it to be a freckle or a mole. The relief on his face was clear. But just to make us both feel better, I'm going to make him an appointment with his male doctor. I was so happy that he felt like he could tell me. I have to admit I was a little surprised when he showed me, but I'm glad he felt like he could. We talked a little more, but after that he seemed so embarrassed that I just left the bathroom pretty quickly. Don't take this wrong, but I can't believe how "grown up" he looks naked. My baby! (laugh) Afterwards, for some reason, I had to resist the urge not to laugh. It was just one of those "mom" moments!

Aaron, is my 3rd son and my 4th child. He is 10 years younger than Joseph, 8 years younger than Rachael, and 6 years younger than Daniel. He's "the baby" and he turned 9 yesterday. Lately, God bless him, he has been pushing it with EVERYTHING! He makes me want to scream sometimes. Steven will agree with me - he has been incredibly difficult. He tries to break all the rules, he argues about everything, and he never stops moving or making noise. I love him, but he is wearing me out! All in all, he's a good kid, and I'm not going to stop doing what needs to be done, but lately I DO look forward to his weekends with his dad. It's so nice and quiet....sigh! But he's my boy.

Anyway, I guess the point is: parenting is always challenging, but lately it's been I'm definitely NOT Carol Brady. But what can I say? I love my boys.



e.Craig Crawford said...

A great post from a great Mom. You have great kids.

Sayre said...

I love boys! When I was pregnant, they did an amnio (older mom and all that) and told me then that I was having a boy. I was so thrilled! I grew up with lots of boys - boys, I know. I'm not quite sure what to do with a girl - in spite of being one myself. And after I had my boy, people asked if I was going to try for a girl next. No! NOt trying for anything next! I'm happy with my boy and he's enough for me.

Though he's doing much the same as Aaron these days. Driving me a little nuts!

Tookie Tail said...

Loved your post! LOL It was so funny! Wouldn't Daniel crap if he saw this post? hehehehe

My grandson is 8 and he sounds like your Aaron. He drives me nuts too! Just talk talk school too! Ugh! Never stops moving! Whew!

You have a good week! :)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Can you believe your baby is 9? It doesn't seem right, does it? You have great kids, I see why you're so proud.

Brother Dave said...

You have wonderful kids. They love you very much, and you love them very much.

metalmom said...

I can't believe how "grown up" he looks naked. That made me laugh!!

When my oldest was 18, he came home so drunk and he had peed his pants. My hubs told me to just let him sleep it off on the living room floor and go to bed. I didn't want the pee to soak the floor so I stripped him down and pulled on a pair of sweats....the whole time he was passed out. My first thought was "Damn, he's got a hairy ass!"

Thank God, it was the last time he ever did that!!

Just Dave said...

We have the same mix: 3 boys and a girl. They are all grown up now but we talk quite a bit. I am far closer to my daughter for some reason. I guess we have a lot of the same interests.

Boys always need their moms. I always talked things over with my mom when something was bugging me. I still do although I am talking to her spirit.

HoosierGirl5 said...

E.Craig - (blushing) Thank you, sir.

Sayre - I like boys too, although they are definitely a learning experience unto themselves. I'm sorry Z-boy is driving you crazy. Wanna trade?

Tookie - Luckily Daniel does not know about my blog or how to find it. There were issues that came up during that discussion and I chose not to include them here. I mean, I wouldn't want to really embarrass him.

Lisa - It IS hard to believe. It's even harder for me to believe that Joseph doesn't live here anymore. At least Aaron still needs me.

Brother Dave - They're okay, I guess. Sometimes. (ha, ha) Thank you.

Metalmom - Well, I DID have another thought when I saw his "you know what", but I didn't think it was right to share it. But I did think it.

Just Dave - I like to think that the kids and I have a special connection because of all the years when it was just me and them.


Sushiboy said...

I hope Daniel doesn't read the blog. lol. There is a special connection with moms and sons and daddies and daughters. Great post. I enjoyed it a lot.

AmyD said...

You are one helluva mom if your kid came to you with that and good for him that he did! Ethan's urologist told me that if Ethan hadn't felt so comfortable coming to me the cancer could have killed him. It's sad that so many young men don't feel comfortable coming out with things like that.

Good for you!