Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Surfing and Stealing

Hey everybody, it's Sunday. But it's better than just Sunday - it's Sunday with a DAY OFF tomorrow! Yahoo! Thank you, Martin Luther King! Friday night my very best friend and lover drove all the way from Louisiana to spend the weekend with me! Yesterday was filled with exciting stuff like laundry, grocery shopping, a new haircut for me (pics to come soon) and working the gate at the high school basketball game, during which my sweetie sat right next to me the whole time and helped me. And today was the ever-exciting Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, in which Aaron made a moderately good showing, after Steven reluctantly headed back out on the road. So this Sunday evening is my evening to catch up on blogging - reading AND writing. As I was blog-surfing, I came across this "Weird Questions" meme over at TenseTeacher's place. Since I haven't done a meme in forever, I thought I would try this one:

If you got trapped in an elevator with someone, who would you want it to be?

What is your favorite cereal?
Truthfully, it's Count Chocula. But since I don't allow the kids to have sugary cereals anymore, I don't keep it around and I haven't had any in a LONG time. So, my favorite healthy cereal is Special K. Or Lfe.

Do you own any cowboy boots?
No, but I would like to.

What is something you would never do in public?
Have sex.

Have you ever had really strange dreams?
Yes. And recently I've been remembering them the next day, which is really weird.

Name a friend or loved one who has passed away.
My friend Suzanne.

What’s your earliest memory?
I remember when my sister was born. I was 5.

Have you ever broken a bone before, and if so, how?

Have you ever stepped in dog poo?
Uh yeah. Hasn't everyone?

Ever bitten your toenails?
Ick. No.

Who is your all time hero?
My grandmother.

What colors do you think mix well?
Yellow and blue.

What did you eat recently?
Loaded potato soup and sun-dried tomato bread for dinner.

What was your favorite cartoon movie as a child?
The Lady and the Tramp.

What’s your favorite movie now?
The Lake House.

Do you paint your toenails?
No. I have really weird, small toenails.

Is your computer a fast and awesome computer?
My laptop is medium fast, and I DO think it's awesome that I have one. Our home computer, not so fast and not so awesome. But it'll do.

What do you do, or want to do for a living?
I teach reading, math, writing, and social and behavior skills to approximately 15 elementary students, and I befriend about half the school at no extra charge.

If one of your long lost exes called you and asked for you back, would you take them back?
Oh my God, NO! (Turning to the side to wretch at the thought of my ex-husband even suggesting such a horrible thing.)

Have you ever been a heart-breaker?
Not really.

What’s your favorite instrument?

What is a country you want to visit badly before you die?

Have you made a bucket list?

What things in history amuse you the most?

Have you ever eaten lipstick?

What are 3 accessories you have to be equipped with when you go out?
Something to drink, purse, cell phone.

Have you ever licked a window before?

If someone dared you to run across a busy street for 1 thousand dollars, would you?
You know, as much as I need money these days, I just might.

Would you kill someone for 9 million dollars?
Absolutely not .

Who is your worst enemy right now and why?
I don’t think I have any enemies, but there are a couple people who aren't too fond of me (cough - exhusband). I don't really care. Love me or leave me alone.

Have you ever been in a physical fight with anyone before?
Not really, but there was a point when I was separating from my ex-husband when I swear I could have throttled him right here in my livingroom. Luckily he left and I ended up throwing a phone against the wall, breaking it into a million pieces.

What brand of cell phone do you have, and which service provider?
I have an iPhone. AT&T.

Do you wear slippers or socks?
Well, I used to be a "socks" person, but Steven is turning me into a slippers person.

Do your feet stink?
Steven says they do. I don't think so.

Have you ever picked your butt in public?
No. Ugh.

What is the strangest pet you’ve ever owned?
I've never had any strange pets, but the boys did have a hermit crab once. That was kind of strange one.

Do you love life or hate it?
Most days, I love it.

Who is the hottest person in the entire universe, in your opinion?

What do you do every night before you go to bed?
Brush my teeth, wash my face, set my alarm, and say my prayers.

Let me know if you decide to "steal" this from me.
Have a great week!


Just Dave said...

No sex in public? Dang. Another fantasy shot to hell.

e.Craig Crawford said...

You've earned your day off. Enjoy!