Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday stuff

Hey everyone.....
How was your weekend? Mine was terrific! Sorry the last post was so short and such a whine on my part. Yes, my dad was (still is) driving me crazy. Long story. It is the way it is and it is unlikely to change. Probably will get worse as my dad gets older. (sigh) I just need to get over the misguided notion that life is fair. My dad is my dad is my dad.

The cat is fine. I brought him home yesterday from the vet and he is obviously glad to be home. I felt really bad traumatizing him like that - he had never been away from us since he was 9 weeks old - the day we brought him home from the pet store was the last time his little tail had been outside. He was neutered AND declawed. I felt as bad about doing it as I did when I signed the papers to have each of the boys circumcised at birth! But it had to be done. He was chasing our female cat around the house with a wild look in his eye, and althought I didn't ever catch him - the kids say they caught him.....ahem......trying to get closer to Butterball. Last Saturday Rachael came in on them with Moustache (the boy cat) almost in position and yelled so loud she scared both cats AND Steven. Steven said he was surprised Moustache was even interested in trying again after that! (ha, ha) Since he's been home, he has been VERY cuddly and in need of reassurance. Well, he was always a lover....... I was afraid three days of scary noises and strange places and PAIN, he would be emotionally damaged. Instead he seems to need so much nurturing and love. I have never really understood people who treated their pets like children. I mean, I have always liked our pets, but I have never been as foolish for an animal as I am for this baby. New pictures coming soon.

And as for Joseph's money needs, I'm not sure how that's going to work but I have some ideas. Most likely I am going to owe a lot of money on this house for a very long time. Refinancing the house to get extra money unfortunately seems to be my best option right now.

As for my weekend, it was very relaxing. Well, Saturday and Sunday were. Friday I came home from school, changed clothes, and had to be at the high school to work the gate for the basketball game by 5:30. Joseph had the car Friday so he had to come get me, so I didn't get home until 5, so it was a little hectic. The boys went with their dad to see Rachael in "Seussical the Musical", then the ex took Joseph back to IU, then the boys on up to Indianapolis with him for the weekend. By the time I got home from the B-ball game, I had time to watch "Numb3rs" and went to bed. Saturday morning I drove out to the vet's to get the cat, stopped by SuperPetz to get the special shredded paper litter he needs, and then ran a bunch of errands until Steven got to Louisville.

Update on Steven: He switched companies in December and this new company has thankfully kept him very busy. Their corporate headquarters are in Louisville, which I don't mind at all. Anyway, we both got really spoiled when he was here all of December, which is why even though the load he is hauling went from Louisiana to New Jersey, he detoured through Louisville this weekend so we could have 24 hours together. We had a very nice, peaceful day together and he even took me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. What can I say? He's a great guy and I love him bunches. Today was sleeping in, church, a quick lunch, then he had to leave. (sniff) I took Rachael to her matinee performance and then I was actually ALONE all afternoon!!! It was lunch to go from Panera and "Numb3rs Season 3" for at least 2 hours. Then my conscience Steven called and spurred me to action and I got busy with laundry and lesson plans.

So.......that's all the news that's fit to print for this weekend. I am working on a post about books I have read lately or am currently reading.

Have a good Monday, all!


Brother Dave said...

It seems as though life is moving along as usual for you.

Keep on keepin' on.

Tookie Tail said...

I hope you have a great week! :)

Sayre said...

It's great that Steven's new company is keeping him busy. Can't make money standing still!

The "do something about the house" bug bit hard in December and it's still biting. We tore everything out of the master bath yesterday and I spent the day yesterday patching walls and today sanding, priming and painting. We've GOT to get at least one bathroom functional!!!

Blondefabulous said...

I envy you. Ever since HHH sprained his ankle, he has been under foot and a pain in my ass! I'd kill for some quiet time!

e.Craig Crawford said...

We have grown accustomed to your whining, Hootergirl. ;-) And there is NO rule on the length of a post. A short post is better than no post at all. Maybe.

Trukindog said...

I think ya need a little more goin on in your life ya slacker! ;)...I'm sure I'll pay for this one huh!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - least it's never boring around here!

Tookie - Thanks! You too!

Sayre - Yes, Steven making money is good. Steven gets a little grumpy when he can't pay the bills. :) The cleaning bug has hit here. I threw out so much junk last weekend that the garbage men asked if I was moving!

Blondefabulous - It's rare here, too. Hang in there.

E.Craig - I am ignoring the whining remark. But let me get this straight - are you trying to tell me that size doesn't matter? Just checking.

T-dog - Why don't you take a road trip out this I can slap you upside the head?! (laughing) Yeah, I need MORE going on. Sure. And you need another DOG! (grin)


trkndude299 said...

I can attest to the curb side clutter. At least a 1/4 truck load disappeared that day.
It was so much that I felt sorry for the sanitation guys.
So much so, that I watched for them to show up, hoping that nothing would be left behind.
I decided that hoping wasn't enough and asked if it wasn't against union rules, could I help load the truck.

The answer, after several odd looks was; mister, there aint no union here! Stick around + we'll let you drive + load this truck!

I gratefully acknowledged their willingness to accept my help and said that hauling off this stuff was payment enough for me and that I really wasn't looking for a job replacement ----------------- yet!

That was a good couple of days!
I can still smell the fresh scent of wide open carpet-er-range.

I feel like I'm on a roll now.
How bout I post a pic of the master's chamber and ............I.. feel.... this... strong.... choking, gasp,,, sensation coming on! Gak. Gaak. Gaaaaakkkk.

Gasp, gasp.

Somehow I've been alerted to the fact that, the Hoosier Goddess's Chambers views shall be kept offline for now.

Please Sweetie, have Merci'.

Hee hee.