Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Interview with HoosierGirl

Sometime last week I was stopping by Amy's blog. Amy and I were just starting to get to know each other when I went on my self-imposed Internet hiatus, so now that I'm back in circulation I am looking forward to getting to know her better. We have a lot in common, mainly crazy kids and crazy pets. So, she was looking for willing victims volunteers to be interviewed and I agreed. Here are her questions and my answers:

1. What is the favorite part of your day? Although I am a "morning" person, honestly my favorite part of the day is from 8-10 in the evening. That's when we're usually all home together. The kids are working on homework, or playing on the computer, or watching TV. I love sitting in the living room, talking to one of them, or watching cartoons with Aaron, or making some popcorn. It's our "family time".

2. What is one thing, realistically, that you will accomplish in the next three months? If all goes as plans, I will be a tenured member of the faculty at the end of May. This is my 5th year. If I am offered a contract for next year (as I expect I will), then I will make tenure officially over the summer.

3. Quick, quick! Favorite drink, favorite song, favorite book? Favorite drink - sweet tea. Favorite song -"When You Say Nothing At All" by Allison Kraus , Favorite book - Little Women.

4. You have ONE and ONLY ONE piece of advice to offer a new mom, what is it? Spend as much quality time with your child as you can. Nothing else matters.

5. What is the one change you feel that if everybody on the planet made, the world would be a better place? No more than 1 hour a day watching TV/on the computer/playing video games/anything electronic. The entire world needs to get back outside and/or read a book!

Now, it's your turn. Let me know if you want to be interviewed by me.
Have an awesome week!


metalmom said...

Cool answers.

Since we don't know each other, any question at all that you'd ask would be interesting.

Interview me. I'm a sport. :)

Brother Dave said...

OK — ask five questions.

AmyD said...

These are such great answers!

Glad you are back in circulation!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Metalmom - Great! Now give me time to think.....

BrotherDave - Ooooh! This is going to be fun.....

Amy - Glad you liked them. I'm glad to be back ,too.