Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My New Philosophy

"Oh yeah? That's what YOU think!"
"Why are you telling me?"
"I can't stand it!"

Some philosophies take a lifetime, mine take a minute.....

This moment of culture was brought to you by the Broadway revival of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" and my daughter, who has a love of all things musical.



Superwoman said...

Have you seen pushing daisies on Tv? She is SO cute in that show. Fun post! I haven't seen that musical yet, looks like a fun one.

Brother Dave said...

Terrific performance.

lady jaye said...

So yeah, I've been horrid at coming by lately and I just saw that you have given me an award. I love you and I promise I will be around more!

Sayre said...

A Charlie Brown attitude isn't a bad thing at all!

Hey, I'm going to update the Halloween Challenge on Friday morning - you want to give me an update?? I have your starting weight...

HoosierGirl5 said...

Superwoman - I haven't seen "pushing daisies" but I hear a lot of people like it. Rachael and Joseph are big "Kristen Chenoweth" fans! Have you ever heard "Taylor the Latte Boy"?

Brother Dave - I love musicals.

LadyJaye - You're forgiven. You're young and free - enjoy it! I'm going to hold you to your promise, though.

Sayre - I love all things "Charlie Brown". Just ask Steven. I have a huge collection of "Peanuts" t-shirts.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Why are you telling me?