Saturday, October 04, 2008

I Gots Awards!

Happy Saturday everyone! How do you like my new template? I decided I wanted a new, more seasonal look. Of course as fall wanes and winter approaches, I will have to change it again, but I've finally figured out a quick and easy way to save and transfer my widgets. Anyway, no "Saturday Nine" today....instead, AWARDS! In the last month or so, I've been given 2 blog awards and today I have decided to pass them on!

First, I would like thank my best Florida buddy, Sayre, who gave me this award almost a month ago, the "A Perfect Blend of Friendship" award. I have never met Sayre (although I've tried!), but she feels more like a sister sometimes than my own sister.
I bestow this award on:

1. Amy, of Amy's Musings. We have so much in common it's scary, except she lives in sunny California and I live in boring Indiana. Amy is warm and funny and has the ability to survive any adversity. We are united in the fight against teenage angst in our families as well as crazy cats and the war of younger vs. older siblings.

2. LadyJaye, of LadyJaye's Revenge. This woman is one of the toughest and coolest chicks in Tennessee. I wish I had had half her intelligence and self-confidence at her age! She's my Twitter buddy, as well as a fellow tormenter/teaser of our buddy Trukindog.

3. Poppy, of PoppyCedes. Who doesn't love Poppy? She has an adorable boyfriend, she's found love and life in the big city, and she's a cat lover! And for the longest time, she totally had me believing she lived in France! But I'm kinda gullible that way..... :-)

4. Trukindog, of Trukindog's Den. What can I say? This guy is my buddy! He has a wonderful four-legged son, a silly sense of humor, and he drives a truck! You couldn't ask for a better blogger buddy, even if he is addicted to beer. Of course, he'll never put a girly award like this on his blog, but I'm giving it to him anyway.

My second award is from one of my new blogging buddies, Faiqa. She has bestowed on me the "I Love Your Blog" award. I "met" her via Avitable and she is great. She thinks I'm as sweet as sweet tea. What's not to love? I humbly bestow this award on the following:

1. Crys, of Clearly Crystal. I totally love this wacky chick!

2. Avitable. Yes, I know he already has a million awards, but I never miss his blog. He has the strangest sense of humor, but I love his blog.

3. BlondeFabulous, of BlondeFabulocity! This lady is a busy mom and hilarious writer. I admire her tenacity and intensity.

That's all for this Saturday. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Trukindog said...

Friendship isn't girly it's universal and I humbly accept this award and I'll be proud to add it to my awards page.

Now if I can hold back the tears I'll say thank you very much and take my leave before I start blubberin. ;)

Crys said...

thank you my dear! very sweet of you. now if i only knew how to put this in my sidebar! ;)

Blondefabulous said...

Thank you very much! I love your blog as well!! You have a good spin on family and life in general! I appreciate an award from such an esteemed collegue.(sp)

Did that sound good? I borrowed it from an Emmy acceptance speech I heard last month.... ;-)

Avitable said...

Aw, thanks! I love me too!

Sayre said...

You're very welcome, sis! BTW, I love the new template. When I clicked on it, my whole body just went "ahhhhh...." I love fall!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Truckindog - Awww, don't cry. ;) You're welcome.

Crys - You know I "heart" you!

Blondefabulous - "Esteemed colleague"? Shoot, the people I work with don't even say THAT! Thanks!

Avitable - Modest as always. (rolling eyes)

Sayre - I'm glad you like it. I really like it, too!


e.Craig Crawford said...

Your fall template looks fantastic. Way to go!

Tookie Tail said...

I looooove your new look!! Awesome!
Fall is my favorite time of year! You've got me itching to change mine now!! :hehe:

Congrats on the awards too!! I alway love to visit your blog! Keep up the great work!

wblmom said...

First I love the new look and it is very festive.

Secondly Congrats!! You deserve it. :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

E.Craig - Thanks. I like it, too.

Tookie Tail - I was ready for a change, with some new upbeat colors. I love your blog, too.

wblmom - Thanks.


AmyD said...

I LOVE your new template!!! Love love! The colors, leaves, *sigh* so Autumn-ey and pretty.

And, THANK YOU. You are so right, only I am in the armpit of California and not only is it hot and sweaty, but it's also stinky and boring.

Poppy said...

Awww, thank you, sweetie! A lot of people were fooled about the France thing, no worries. It was only created because I used to be much more private about my life. We'll blame Avitable that I'm not anymore. We also get to blame him for bringing my attention to Dawg's existence! So, yay. :)