Monday, September 22, 2008


About a week ago, Avitable posted THIS meme. It's taken me a week (since 3 of those days had no power) to do it. Here it is:


My favorite age: 43

My best friend: Steven

My celebrity crush: George Clooney.

My defining characteristic: Physically? My eyes. Emotionally? My friendliness

My most evil moment: When I "explained" the "truth" about the past to my ex-husband's NEW wife. She was shocked. I enjoyed it.

My favorite food: Pasta

My grossest injury: Pulling my stitches from my c-section. Ick.

My biggest hatred: Lazy parents.

My most illegal activity: I was arrested once. Don't ask, 'cause I'm not telling.

My need for justice: When I see stupid parents whose kids are dirty or out in the grocery store WAY past a child's bedtime or are being yelled at just for acting like a kid.

My most knowledgeable field: Elementary education, primarily (no pun intended) reading and math. I also know a lot about children's literature. I would have made a great librarian.

My life's goals: To write a children's book. To own a bookstore. To be happy.

My mother's influence: My mother is very generous and giving, in her own weird way, and I think I get that from her. Other than that, I am sadly nothing like my mom. Much to her dismay.

My nerdiest point: My absolute love of English literature.

My oldest memory: I remember when my mom came home from the hospital with my sister. I was 4.

My perfect date: Dinner and a movie, either in the theater or at home snuggling on the couch.

My unanswered question: Why are some people who would make great parents unable to have kids, and some people who make absolutely horrible parents seem to be able to reproduce like rabbits?

My random fact: I wanted to be a nun, a teacher, and a mom when I was a kid. At least I got 2 out of 3.

My stupidest decision: Oh my, this is a loaded one. But as much as I would like to call my ex-husband a stupid decision, I can't because if we hadn't gotten married, I wouldn't have my kids. I guess my stupidest decision was not pursuing the English degree I really wanted way back when I was 18.

My favorite television show: Numbers.

My style of underwear: Briefs.

My favorite vegetable: Honestly, asparagus.

My weakest trait: I take EVERYTHING too personally.

My X-men power: Super-core strength and ultra-friendliness.

My strongest yearning: To be able to give my kids everything they need.

My moment of Zen: Sitting on my front porch on my swing in the dark.

Let me know if you do it. I hope you all had a wonderful Monday. Mine wasn't bad, for the first day back to work after 9 days off from work. It was also my first day of my diet and I am proud to report no cheating AND a 20 minute walk! Yay me!



Jay said...

"My most illegal activity: I was arrested once. Don't ask, 'cause I'm not telling."

Oh you can't just tease us with THAT and then say you aren't telling! LOL ;-)

Avitable said...

You kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, didn't you?

Sushiboy said...

Fun Meme, Still groaning about pulling stitches out of C-section incision! OUCH! I can't imagine! Good luck on the diet, I'm almost to the point where I have a WoW treadmill, I've bought almost all the stuff, just gotta install it, aka the hard part.

Shen-Shen said...


Poppy said...

We came home from Jersey at about 1am Saturday night (Sunday morning). I saw a little boy with his parents and I thought that was weird, then literally one block down I saw a little girl with her parents.

I'm pretty sure 1am is too late to be up for 3-year-olds.