Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Howdy, all you folks out there in the well-lit world. What's it like to be able to shower with the lights on? Just wondering. My "10 on Tuesday" this week is NOT the chosen topic, but instead:


1. Cold food in the refrigerator.

2. Use of the TV.

3. Use of the computer.

4. Not having the kids say 100 times "I'm bored" because the video games won't work.

5. Not having to shower in the dark.

6. Being able to charge my phone at night in the house, instead of in the car.

7. Microwave popcorn.

8. Being able to use my straightener. (if you like the natural curly look, you should see me today!)

9. Use of the DVD player ( I miss being able to watch a movie!)

10. Air conditioning (or heat, depending on the weather).

By the way, I have been very carefully reading everyone's responses to my problem in the last post and I really appreciate all the great input and advice I've been getting. Unfortunately I don't have time to respond right now. I will post long and detailed answers as soon as possible.

Have an "electric" day!



Superwoman said...

AHHH, electricity, truly necessary for modern comfor. Good luck with the whole Steven thing. He and you are great together. Try to think about what really matters to you. I know it will all turn out as it should.

Jay said...

Still no power? Sheesh!

You're gonna miss The Shield tonight! Oh no!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Superwoman - It is amazing how quiet and peaceful it is, though, without tv or music or videogames. Don't worry aboutme and Steven. We always seem to work through these things. Wehave already "made up". And as for what is important to me,well, I know the answer to that! He is WAY more important to me than ANYTHING on the Internet! Thanks for thinking of me!


e.Craig Crawford said...

I surely hope your electricity is back on sometime tomorrow.

Nancy & Jeff got theirs back yesterday evening, but daughter Lisa and sister Susan are "patiently" waiting for that magic moment.

Susan and Bob have well water. No electricity .. no water. They ventured over to my house yesterday evening to take their showers. Two days without one was becoming unsettling to them. I charged them $20 each, $25 if they wanted hot water too. I hope they didn't think I was price-gouging.

Trukindog said...

You gotta give us a natural curly hair picture.

come on come on ya gotta!

Faiqa said...

I actually have a deep and very real fear of (1) showering with the lights out and (2) eating with the lights out. Everything else, lights on. ;)

Just Dave said...

My wife and MIL are on their way to Houston. My MIL and BIL have no power at thier houses and my wife needs to get things unplugged for when the power comes back on. It is a hell of a mess down there.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - Unfortunaely we missed a lot of TV in the power-less days. But we're catching up REAL fast! (grin)

E.Craig - You? Price gouging? Nah! You DID charge extra for soap, didn't you?

T-dog - I will see what I can do.

Faiqua - Well,we showered with several candles lit and a flashlight nearby...it wasn't completely dark any time.

Just Dave - I hope they get the Houston house in order quickly.


trkndude299 said...
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