Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My "Back to School" 10 on Tuesday

Hey guys and gals....I survived the first day of school. My feet hurt...mostly because I wore the stupid cheap tennis shoes I bought just for looks. It was great to see my former students. They all did well on their first day. I have a couple of handfuls to take care of this year - a new kindergartner and a returning first grader in particular. My principal rubbed me the wrong way, but hopefully it was just a temporary thing. If she keeps it up all week, there is definitely going to be a discussion. I don't like being micro-managed. But overall, a long but satisfying day. In honor of the first day of school....a very special "10 on Tuesday":

10 Things I Like about Going "Back to School":

1. Sharpened pencils.

2. Kids' new haircuts.

3. New tennis shoes.

4. Notebooks. I LOVE notebooks. I always have.

5. Seeing old friends. (you know, people you really like but you really only see when you're at work)

6. Seeing students you loved from last year.

7. Getting back into a routine.

8. Getting crayons for an absurdly cheap price.

9. Seeing fleets of school buses back on the road.

10. A fresh start.

Happy "Back to School" to all teachers and students out there!



Sayre said...

I have to wait until next Monday for all of that. And it's not crayons for me but the colored pencils. And notebooks. I love stuff like that!

Jay said...

The best thing about back to school is the kids are in school and not out running around town and in my way during the day. haha ;-)

AmyD said...

School starts here on Monday. *Sigh*

I love school supplies... and office supplies. I've never met a new post-it note pad I didn't loooove.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I just LOVE those school busses on the road twice a day. And some of those drivers are "looney tunes."

Trukindog said...

school buses & school zones SUCK from a drivers point of view...but necessary I guess. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - Good luck to Z-boy!

Jay - I used to feel the same way when I was a stay-at-home mom with young kids. I couldn't wait for everyone to go back to school so the stores would be quiet and empty in the mornings.

Amy - I'm telling you...we're twins!

E.Craig - Just like any profession, there are the weird ones. But most of the bus drivers I know are top-notch people who work very hard.

T-dog - Um...yeah. It's not all about you, goober.


Avitable said...

I love seeing the new high school girls in their Catholic skirts . . .

Sorry, I drifted off for a sec.