Monday, August 18, 2008

M-M-Manic M-M-Monday

Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it? I have always wanted to be an English teacher. I have also always wanted to write a book. I haven't looked into getting an additional teaching license because right now I really don't have time and I don't know if I could stand high school students. As for writing a book, I don't know why. But it has been on my mind for awhile now.

If you could make any fictional character come to life, which one would it be? The family from Little Women. I love them.

If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be and how long would it take you to spend the $10,000? Right now my greatest need is a new bathroom and new carpet, so I guess the store would be Home Depot. How long would it take? Not long. New shower, tub, vanity cabinet = bing. New washer/dryer set = bing. New carpet for the living room if there's anything left, and I'm outta there. Now if we were talking fun stuff, I would pick Bed, Bath, and Beyond and load up on linens, comforters, towels, expresso machines, and the like.

Name three things you wanted as a child but never got.

1. An older brother.

2. A tree house.

3. A go-cart.
I had a great Monday, except for oversleeping this morning. I wasn't late, but I didn't get the early start I had planned on. I hope everyone had a good start to their week.


Brother Dave said...

Interesting Monday comments.

Home Depot would be my choice as well for a $10,000 shopping spree. Outdoor paint would be among my expenses.

Our bathrooms would get remodeled, and a new kitchen range-top is on the list.

Just Dave said...

I'm off this week. Had jury duty tomorrow but they saaid they didn't need me so I'm going fishin'.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Wow! $10,000 for a shopping spree in only one store. I'm thinking one of the big-box stores, too. A "top o' the line" chef's kitchen comes to mind.

I'm quite certain that I could quickly spend all of that ten grand for that, unless everything was on sale. In that case I'd head next, over to the tool department. I love having the tool for the job.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh man, I really want one of those cool super-sized washer and dryers.

AmyD said...

Little Women is one of my favorites!

Gourmet Coffee and Tea said...

Now is weekend:) tea shop?