Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here We Are.........

I always wanted to be a mom. I couldn't wait to have a baby. I lost 2 babies before Joseph came along. He was my only child for only a year and a half.

All these images are running through my mind tonight. I remember a day when he was less than one. He was sick and I stayed home from work to be with him. It snowed all day that day, and he and I sat in the recliner all day and watched Christmas specials and watched the snow fall through the sliding glass door of our apartment.

I remember his first day of preschool. His first day of kindergarten. His 1st communion. His 8th grade graduation. His confirmation. His high school graduation.

And here we are: the night before he goes away to college. The night before he moves out of my home and goes to live somewhere else. I have been looking forward to this day like a marathon runner looks for the finish line. In my mind, this was the goal - to get him to college. I know I'm not finished....is a parent ever really finished?......but I still can't believe we're here. At this day.

In spite of the fact that this day was filled with events - Daniel had a football game to watch from the sidelines, Aaron had soccer practice, I had Open House at Daniel and Aaron's school, and somehow we squeezed in a run to the Apple Store in Louisville to doctor my iPhone - I insisted that we all do something as a family. We all went together to Dairy Queen to get ice cream at 9:30 at night. I asked, in the car, if anyone had anything to say to Joseph. Aaron said, "Good-bye Joseph. When are you coming back?" Daniel said, "I wanted to give you a card and some money, but I didn't get you a card. You can still have the money." Rachael said, "I love you like the sister I never had." (this one got a big laugh from everyone in the car).

Tomorrow morning there will be the traditional "special event" orange danish rolls. The kids will hug him and go to school. And my dad and I will head up the highway with Joseph and his stuff in tow.

This is the moment. Tomorrow is the day.

We are here.



Carrie said...

*crying bittersweet tears for you*


Brother Dave said...

…and life moves on.

Joseph is definitely off to a great start with a MacBook laptop.

Is your iPhone now working?

Jay said...

He's going to have a great time! And he'll be home with his laundry piled up before you know it. LOL ;-)

trkndude299 said...

Carpe Diem, (sp)

He's not moving out, he's going down a path that simply takes him away from the house. He will return, with wonderful tales of amazement + awe + dirty laundry.
He may even be nice + visit with the family, but don't hold your breath.
This is the moment you have waited for and yet this is the moment you have feared for years.
God Bless You + Joseph.
No regrets, no sorrow.
This is the day of days. A new beginning, not an ending.
A day of discovery. A day of bewilderment.
A rite of passage!

Amo, Amas, Amat. (sp?)

Rock on Babe.
And please put the diapers in the waste bucket.


Tookie Tail said...

Embrace the moment. It will remain with you for the rest of your life. Stand proud for the outstanding job you have done in raising your son.
I'm happy and sad for you.

Superwoman said...

Congrats! What an exciting moment, he will be fine, he is a smart, accomplished, responsible kid. You have done a great job, take the leap of faith that he will follow what you have taught him all these years. He will, good luck!

Finn said...

Hugs and congrats to you! You made your goal; you should be very proud of both him and yourself.

The best is yet to be...

heather said...

at least these days there are so many ways to communicate with him while he is learning to be a man and take responsibility for his own actions and inactions.
trust in yourself and in him.

Sushiboy said...

Congrats and Sympathy hugs all at the same time.

Today was the first day of school for the new year for me. All around me there were bright eyed freshmen having the times of their lives. I'm sure Joseph is too, (and it is so awesome that he got a scholarship !)

Today was my son's first day of Kindergarten, but I couldn't stay home to send him off, because I needed to be in school myself. He was so exiting to be starting school the same day as Daddy. So that was a bittersweet experience, I can only imagine sending one off to college.

Hugs to you!

Trukindog said...

Sorry darlin I don't have the parent gene so I don't really know what to say except be strong and good luck to him.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks everyone. I'm tired to respond to individual comments tonight. He did fine.


e.Craig Crawford said...

You have earned "tired." Good story.