Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to 1985 so I would NOT marry my ex-husband, or at the very least make sound financial decisions.

2. Give me money or give me a new van.

3. I am listening to the TV cartoons.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking I'm hopeless (possibly more than one today).

5. I'll always be in debt.

6. My idea of a good time includes going out to dinner and going to a movie, then home for talk and snuggles.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to playing with the truck before I take it back, tomorrow my plans include nothing yet, and Sunday, I want to go to church and read the Sunday paper!

Just a thought: Just because something is true doesn't mean you should say it or a person wants to hear it.



Janet said...

very very true thought...

Thanks for playing, hope you have a great weekend :-)

trkndude299 said...

It's ok sweetie.
It is what it is.

The bottom line is: You are sexxy hot.
Cars are so - well, cars. Just hunks of metal, plastic, rubber; ok, the cars are not so hot. But, you are.

Speaking of hot; it's hot outside + I need a ride to Walgreens for my weely dose of my fav mind altering narcotic.

Heee Hee. That would be thou.

Wahh. It's hot here!
Wet, sticky, wet, hot, wet, clammy, wet, damp, scheise, my clothes ain't gonna dry!

Superwoman said...

Aww, but think, if you didn't marry the ex you wouldn't have those great kids! Sometimes that makes things worth it. chin up! Things will get better eventually, either that or you'll be dead in which case things will be better right???!!

Brother Dave said...

Re: "Just because something is true doesn't mean you should say it or a person wants to hear it."

An ex-daughter-in-law felt she was being honest and sincere when saying things that were better left unsaid.

Those who lack discretion for remarks they make truly do not see themselves as others do.

We all have, at one time or another, said something we later regretted. It was a thoughtless, careless slip. The difference being that we never constantly made inconsiderate remarks.

We knew better…

HoosierGirl5 said...

Janet - Thanks.

T-dude - You make me smile when you say I'm sexy-hot. I can't wait to see you.

Superwoman - Yeah, I know I wouldn't have the kids...I meant, not marry him but still have my great crew. I mean, if we're pretending I can go back in time, let's pretend all the way...ha, ha. And you totally crack me up: things will get better or else I'll be dead! Ha, ha.

Brother Dave - I just got a whole lotta bluntness the other day and I was having a hard time swallowing it. Yes, it was all true but sheesh....go easy on me. I'm better now, thanks.