Sunday, April 20, 2008

There and Back Again....

It's Sunday night and another busy weekend has come to an end. My teenagers were busy with "Peter Pan", the spring musical at their high school. Joseph is "Mr. Darling" and Rachael is a pirate. I am taking Daniel and Aaron (who both saw it this weekend but want to go again) on Friday night. Daniel and Aaron spent time with their dad Saturday and Sunday, with Aaron starting karate on Saturday morning, and Daniel had a track meet followed by a soccer game today.

The best part about it: I hit the road to see Steven and left all the running around to the kids' father (can you hear me quietly snickering behind my hand?). By the time I got back home this evening, he was ready to give them back to me and go home (okay, I am openly snickering now).

Anyway, I had a lovely weekend with Steven. We met in Bloomington, Illinois, which took me about 4 1/2 hours. To read Steven's account of our weekend, go HERE. ( Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever read? He is too good to me! ) We had plenty of time for lots of talking, kissing, and sharing. We had a delicious dinner at Chili's. They messed up my steak, so we got free desserts, which were fantastic. Then we hung out at Border's for a couple of hours, reading and browsing. We stayed up late talking, and so ended up sleeping late as well. It is amazing - we can talk for hours, about all kinds of things. You might say we set a record. Anyway, we finally got ourselves together and after a late lunch, I had to head home. It is always so hard to leave him, whether it's him driving away or me. I love him bunches. I especially love to see him smile!

He has driven to see me so many times, I was glad to take a turn driving to see him. I am especially glad I made the time this weekend, since he is heading to Chicago to pick up a load heading to Arizona. He will probably be out west most of the week. I am hoping he will back in the Midwest by next weekend. Aaron's First Communion is next weekend and I would very much like him to be here, if he can. It is an important event in my family. But, with trucking, you never know.

So, tomorrow starts testing week in Kentucky schools, which means everyone's schedules are going to be up-ended for all of this week and most of next week! For me, it means reading the test to one of my students every morning, and then scrambling to get my time with my kids covered in the afternoons. Then, as I mentioned, next weekend is the last of my children to make First Communion, which is somehow fitting the month before my first child graduates from high school. All kinds of changes this spring. And coming soon, Derby week! Yay!

Have a great week, all.


Sayre said...

Very nice that you were able to meet Steven and spend some time with him - and even nicer that the kids' father got to pick up the slack (I'm snickering with you!).

How did Aaron like the karate class?

heather said...

to hell with snickering, i'm laughing.

roadtrips are almost always fun for those of us who don't drive for a living. the fact that it was to see your sweetie just makes it so much better.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Sounds like a well deserved relaxing weekend for you and Steven.

Bet you never thought your ex would be so glad to see you. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - Yeah, the idiot deserved to see what I go through all the time. Aaron LOVED karate. He can't wait to go back.

Heather - Revenge is sooo sweet. The driving part of my road trip wasn't bad - and the end result was terrific! I love spending time with Steven, no matter where we are.

Craig - Yeah, he wasn't so much glad to see ME as he was to no longer be responsible for Aaron! He has low tolerance for Aaron - probably because he hasn't built any kind of foundation with him.