Saturday, April 12, 2008

Death and Taxes

You might be wondering why these two topics are intertwined in my mind this fine Saturday afternoon.


I'll tell you why.

I went to have my taxes done today. My idiot ex-husband and I had actually had a civil conversation about a week ago, during which we discussed me taking all 4 kids off on my taxes this year, instead of him taking the older two and me taking the younger two like we usually do. ***Don't ask why I don't get to take all 4 kids. It's just the way things shook out in our divorce agreement. It's stupid and I hate it, but there is nothing I can do about it.***

Anyway, I had discussed with him me taking all 4 kids, and me using all the refund money to pay the rest of the Catholic high school tuition. I pay half and he pays half, but he is behind on his part. When we talked about it, I suggested that he let me deduct all 4 kids and then pay ALL the remaining tuition. He sounded almost human like he might go for it.

But no.

When I called him today, from the H&R Block office, to see what he decided. His answer, of course, was no. That would make too much sense. That would foster too much of a sense of cooperation. That would actually get a monkey off BOTH our backs. Why would we want to do that?

But that's not the worst of it. THE WORST, my friends, is that the tax lady did my taxes both with 4 kids and with 2.

Do you want to know what the difference is? $2000! Yep. $2000.

I raise these kids, I pay for frickin' everything, I do all the work, I do all the transporting, I'm the bad guy, I clean up the throw-up, and because of some stupid "let's be fair to the divorced daddy" law, because he sends his piddly child support check, he gets to deduct the 2 older kids and keep MY friggin' $2000.

So, the way that these two topics are related is: I did my taxes today and I wish my ex-husband was dead. Don't try to talk nice to me, 'cause it won't work. I'm just going to sit here and burn, until I feel better.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Have the bill for all the tuitions sent to the ex.
I feel your pain.
As my accountant says - deductions, deductions, deductions. All legal of course.

I know you hate dealing with this, but the tax situation is a year round event.
Later Baby

Sayre said...

That sucks. Your idiot really is, isn't he? Tell him he'd better cough up the rest of the tuition if he can't give you the deductions. $2000 is a lot of dough when you've got all those mouths to feed!

e.Craig Crawford said...

He's behind in court ordered tuition payments? Haul his ass into domestic court. That way the court can give him some sound advice on what he better be doing with his tax refund.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that totally sucks J. I agree with craig btw.

Just Dave said...

Deadbeat exes. The world would be so much better off without them. $2.000 could pay a lot of tuition.

Canadian flake said...

why oh whyyyyy do some ex's have to be such losers...there IS a reason why I call my ex F*ckhead..lmao.

Hang in there.