Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Hello blogosphere....
I had this big, elaborate "10 on Tuesday" post planned, but now it's late, and I'm tired and grouchy. So, here's my list: short and simple.

This week's "10 on Tuesday" topic is an easy one: Ten Things You Love About Your Life"!

1. Aaron (at his first karate lesson)

          2. Daniel (after his first soccer game of this season)

          3. Rachael

          4. Joseph

          5. Steven (especially when he gives me 3 AM "wake up" calls)

          6. My family: my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, and my nephews.

          7. My job (can you believe I'm actually saying that?)

          8. Flowers! ( I love flowers - just ask Steven)

          9. My cat

          10. My blog and my blogging buddies.

          What do you love about YOUR life?



          Sayre said...

          1. My boy
          2. My man
          3. My cats
          4. My home
          5. My dog
          6. My family (parents/brothers)
          7. My job
          8. My computer and blog friends
          9. My capabilities
          10. My journey

          Just Dave said...

          I love the fact that I am alive and loved by a wonderful woman. Don't know what else I could ask for.