Friday, March 07, 2008

Top Ten Things I Love about My Friend Jay

Today is an important day in history. Today is my good friend Jay's birthday - the big "4-0"! Be sure to stop by his place today and wish him a "Happy Birthday". And in honor of his birthday, my list today is about him!

Top Ten Things I LOVE about my friend Jay:

  1. His love of hot babes.

  2. His love of hot guys.

  3. His love of hot MOMS! (I assume he meant to include me...I'm sure it was just an oversight)

  4. His video posts, particularly when he goes to the mall.

  5. His ability to sleep anywhere (see pic).

  6. His accent.
  7. His unnatural love of Giada.
  8. His pictures.
  9. His sense of humor. (most of the time. Sometimes he is a LITTLE over the top....)
  10. His love of his friends that he has known longer than pretty blonde bloggers from Florida that he does posts for!

Happy Birthday Jay!!!!



Jay said...

That dude is freaking awesome! ;-)

Jay said...

Thanks for the post babe. ;-)

R.E.H. said...

All lovable qualities of Jay there! You did forget his cynicism though...

...oh, and all the hot cheerleader pics!

Hey, Happy B-Day Jay! (A shout-out from afar)

Yorksdevil said...

I can't believe Mary Louise Parker didn't win the 'hottest TV mother' poll. I also can't believe Mary Louise Parker is 43 years old! I'm willing to overlook that he spelled Jaime Pressly's name wrong - it is his birthday.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Happy Birthday J. Yikes that mall video was a real downer

Canadian flake said...

Hope your friend had a great Birthday...

Lu' said...

Great picture. I hopped over from Jay's.