Thursday, February 07, 2008


Hey there...
I thought I would let everyone know how things are going.

  1. The CPS investigation interview went well. The girl was young and, according to my Teacher Association rep, told us way too much about what was called in, what they are looking at, etc. She could see that this was the mother's way of attempting to get the school transfer for her son that she wanted. The JCTA rep expects it to be dismissed.
  2. I met with my principal. She isn't forcing me to switch positions, but it is strongly suggested. And the conditions are much more favorable than I first thought. So, it looks like I will be switching by the end of the month. The best part: I can still be a part of my students' lives under the new situation. I had thought I would have to back way off so they would transfer better to a new teacher. But it looks like they are combining my class with the older EBD class upstairs, and I work well with that teacher.
  3. Larry: The visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. Which means I will have to miss the school-wide field trip with my class, but I have enough parents going with us that it should be a ratio of 1 adult to 2 students. And the most unpredictable child in the bunch has his dad going with us! I spoke for a long time with Vicki, Larry's daughter (who is only 7 years younger than I am). She is worried about funeral expenses and apparently Larry's second wife ( I was #3), who is his son Matthew's mother, is being kind of bitchy about Matthew pitching in. My parents are sending them some money, as am I.

I dug out a bunch of old pictures last night and spent a lot of time looking at them yesterday. And on the way home from work yesterday, one of "our" songs came on the radio! I haven't heard that song on the radio in years! I took it as a sign. I hope he is happy in heaven. Lord knows he deserves the rest. I will miss him, I really will.

I told all the kids except Aaron (I'm waiting for the right time with him). Rachael and Daniel will be going with me to the funeral. I drove Joseph up to Indianapolis to his dad last night (sorry Lisa, no time for a visit!) so he can drive up to University of Michigan for his musical theater audition on Friday.

Steven has been terrific through all of this. He listened to me cry on the phone. He has listened to me reminisce(sp?) about Larry. And he has listened to me worry and fret over the school stuff. And last night he talked to me all the way home to help me stay awake as I drove.

I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you all for your kind comments. It means a lot to me.


Ps. I think I just saw a mouse run across the floor. Eek.


Sayre said...

Oh, J - I'm just catching up on you and am saddened and dismayed at what I've missed. I'm glad I got here in time for the updates though, because I would have been worrying about you constantly after reading about the work stuff.

I lost someone important to me last week - also cancer. He hasn't been a part of my life for 15 years, but he took a broken little person and made her laugh when she thought laughter would never hold a place in her life again. I had to write a "memorial" to him on my blog as right now it's the only way I have of dealing with the news.

I hope your Larry is at peace - and I know that both he and JL are now healed of their afflictions. Sometimes death is a good thing. We will miss them, but they are no longer in pain.

Lots of hugs to you, my friend.

And about that mouse? Get a cat!

RWA said...

Glad to hear that the investigation has been resolves appropriately and that the new position won't be so bad.

Hang in there.

e.Craig Crawford said...

So now you can focus on Larry's funeral without some other unpleasantry hanging over your head. Sometimes we worry for nothing, but I guess that's how we are built.

Canadian flake said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you...and I am glad Steven is being so supportive...

As far as the mice, good luck...the lil buggers are camping out in our house

coffeypot said...

I’m glad you were vindicated and the new job will be working in your favor. Good luck to Josh, too. Live will get better and you will be happy again in – say – two days and 35 minuets. Time it and see if you are not smiling and loving life by then. No particular reason for the time, it is just an arbitrary goal to enable you to feel better in a specific time. It will work, too, if you let it.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about Larry. It has to be rough. You've got a lot going on right now. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. Maybe next time you're in town we'll be able to meet. :)

Brother Dave said...

Fantastic that the issue with CPS is put to rest.

Steve sounds like a keeper.

Getting through tomorrow is a high priority for you, of course. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Re: PS. I think I just saw a mouse run across the floor. Eek. That sounds like such a minor problem right now. ;-)

eatmisery said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, J. Aaron is going to take it pretty hard, so my thoughts go out to all of you.

I'm glad the situation at school is getting better, too. I hope you can get some rest. You've had a rough week.