Friday, January 04, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Happy Friday, folks! I am home alone kids went back to school yesterday, but the Louisville public schools don't start until Monday, so I have had a couple of days alone. I wish I could say I have totally put away Christmas and cleaned and organized the house, but I have not. I HAVE gotten some things accomplished, but I have also been a slug.

I have been sitting here at the computer for at least 2 hours, trying to get my photos organized. I sent about 15 shots from my phone to my e-mail. Then I saved them all to the "My Pictures" file and moved the e-mails to the appropriate folders. Then I got started creating folders under "My Pictures" and sorting and deleting pictures. I HAVE made a lot of progress but there is a lot more to be done.

Anyway, the original point of sitting down here was to write a post about my road trip. But alas, I now have to REALLY get busy, or my whole day will be lost. So instead, I have a photo post from the last couple of weeks. I promise I will write my "Road trip" post soon.


The first two are of my nephew, Tyler, who will be 2 in February. My sister was getting him to say the words he knows and make the animals sounds he knows, and his facial expressions and gestures were just too funny.

The next two are of my kids on Christmas Eve. The two younger boys got new video rockers from my parents. Joseph and Rachael were hamming it up on the couch.

The last 3 are of me and Steven on the road. This is what happens when you're tired and you get kind of silly waiting for your breakfast to arrive.

More to come!

(And yes, E.Craig....when I say I am sticking my tongue out at you, this is exactly what you are to imagine!!!)


RWA said...

Great pictures

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - Thanks!

Have I got cooties or something? Where is everyone?

NOBODY is leaving comments anymore! (pout)

I promise I will take a shower and brush my teeth. Soon!


coffeypot said...

I can't wait to hear your story of how you got to "blow the big horn." Do you have a photo of that, too?

I know you will enjoy being back in the classroom Monday. Maybe you can get the flu before then.

Enjoy your free time. What? Oh, yeah. It is late and the kids are home. Drug'em and you can still enjoy the alone feeling a little longer.

Just Dave said...

I'm sorry, HG. For some reason, I thought you had already been tagged. Please consider yourself tagged right on the tip of your tongue-lol.

Brother Dave said...

I think there is an ebb and flow with the posts. Maybe it's the moon's influence.

e.Craig Crawford said...

That's a good camera in your phone. And thanks for the graphic depiction of you sticking your tongue out at me. I'm certain I'll find that photo useful in the near future. ;-)

captain corky said...

Great pics. Your nephew is really cute. ;)

When are you guys getting married?

HoosierGirl5 said...

Coffeypot - I don't kiss and tell, babe. And I definitely don't take pictures! At least not ones I would put on the Internet! (wink)

And oh, I do not want to go back on Monday, but at least it's a "soft" re-entry: no students Monday - it's "professional development" all day (that's school corporation code for "waste your time"). But the teacher in me has already kicked in and I've started getting ready for the inevitable.

By the way, it's about damn time you left a comment on MY blog. I know who your favorites are.

Just Dave - The tip of my tongue? Oooh, baby. (wink)

Brother Dave - You're probably right. But I was starting to feel so neglected....

E.Craig - How did I know you were going to use that picture against me somehow?

Corky - Yes, he is. Thank you. He loves my kids, which really makes me laugh. It's especially funny to see him with Joseph, my 17 yr. old. The contrast is amazing.

Married? Not for awhile, sweets. We have only been dating 3 months. We have a LONNNNNGGG way to go before we get to that. But don't think it hasn't crossed my mind..... (wink)


e.Craig Crawford said...

Good thinking there, J. It's a "done deal." ;-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

oooo fun photos J. they kids are so much fun, you are lucky to havr such a great family!

Glad you and Steven had fun on the road too...

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!

Canadian flake said...

thanks for sharing the pics...they are cute...hope things are going well now that you are back to school