Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Met Coffeypot!

Yes, folks, it finally happened. I got to meet a blog friend......and it was my new good buddy, Coffeypot!

Mr. Coffey is as sweet and sexy and funny in person as he is on the Internet! He treated me to dinner - and he didn't even make me go to Hooters!!! (laugh) It was Ruby Tuesday's, thank goodness. But it didn't matter- Coffeypot was charming the waitresses there, too!

Anyway, he is a hoot in person. We ate and talked and laughed for over an hour. But he had a rescued pit bull in his car, so he had to hit the road pretty quickly. I tried to coax him into a hotel room (to sleep, you guys! sheesh!), but he wanted to keep going.....

I'm just glad he stopped long enough to see me! When are the rest of you guys coming by? Coffeypot will vouch for me.....I don't bite! (wink)
Thanks, Coffeypot!



Brother Dave said...

How special.

And we got a good photo of you two to boot.

Jay said...

Cool beans!

I may make my way up there someday, but I only eat at Hooters. LOL ;-)

/kidding .. Hooters sucks. hahaha

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hey J- wow that's pretty cool. Nice that you guys got to meet. If I ever make it out that way, I'm treating you andall your kids to dinner anywhere you want!

coffeypot said...

It was a bit of sunshine in an otherwise cold and dreary night. Snow and slush on one end and rain and fog at the other. She was very entertaining and funny; and she didn’t try to castrate me or anything that I was afraid she might do because of me being a male chauvinist pig. Oink!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - It was fun. I want to meet you, too. But that is NOT a good picture of me....what's up with my shirt? And I was smiling, I swear!

Jay - You know you have a standing invitation. Come on up. Just no Hooters, please.

Palm Springs hottie - Oh, please come visit. I think the kids would love to meet you!

She was very entertaining and funny; and she didn’t try to castrate me or anything
Coffeypot - Thanks, hon! Besides, I thought it would be in poor taste to do you any harm after you had just paid for my steak! (grin)


RWA said...

Now that is impressive.

I am glad y'all got to meet.

e.Craig said...

Well I think Indiana's "Mom of The Year" deserves an evening out with a southern gentleman.
That is SO cool that you two met. :-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - And we owe it all to you! We "met" through YOUR blog!

Craig - I'm Indiana's "Mom of the Year"? Really? That's great! Does that award come with any cash? (hee, hee)

I would really like to meet YOU and Brother Dave and RWA sometime.